Sultan Calls DPD Leading and Consistent in Defending Regional and Village Interests

19 January 2023 oleh admin

dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representatives (DPD RI) Sultan B. Najamudin admitted that he fully supports any policy that leads to strengthening authority and accommodating the interests of regional and village governments.

"From the beginning, the DPD RI was formed to fight for the aspirations of the community and regional and village governments, which number in the thousands with different characteristics. We often say that village apparatus are representatives of the state before the people in their villages," said Sultan through his official statement to Thursday (19/01).

According to him, so far his party has often accepted the aspirations of village governments who are members of the Association of Indonesian Village Governments (APDESI). I personally have even been a part of many of APDESI's important series of meetings so far with the government.

"So, if there is a policy discourse which is a request and suggestion from my friends, the village heads, it will certainly become our serious concern in DPD RI. We have never thought of limiting the wishes and aspirations of village heads who have worked hard to maintain national values. and achieve the goals of national development," emphasized the former Deputy Governor of Bengkulu.

That in subsequent developments we provided input that we thought was important, said Sultan, it was all solely aimed at the good of my friends from the village government, the progress of the village and the welfare of the village community. It is with great hope that village heads throughout Indonesia will be able to fulfill their responsibility for the trust mandated by the state.

"In principle, we really appreciate and recognize the performance and every achievement of the village heads so far. And consistently will always fight for fiscal stimulus for the village and the welfare rights of village heads and other village apparatus," he concluded. (*)

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