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In response to Moeldoko's comments, Filep Reminds All Parties to Maintain Peace in Papua

30 September 2022 oleh admin

JAKARTA, dpd.go.id - The alleged corruption case that ensnared the Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe has a long tail. It is known that Lukas Enembe has not fulfilled the KPK's summons until now due to his health condition.

Head of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Moeldoko also warned Governor Lukas Enembe to comply with the ongoing legal process. Moeldoko even mentioned that if necessary, the TNI would be deployed to summon Lukas Enembe, who has a large crowd of supporters.

"Regarding Lukas Enembe, I might be able to speak even louder, because this is a purely legal matter, not a political one. So everyone must be held accountable before the law. There are no exceptions,” said Moeldoko, Thursday (29/9/2022).

"If they are under the protection of the people who are under the influence of Lukas Enembe, does the TNI need to be deployed? For that, if needed, yes what can be done, "he said.

Moeldoko's statement drew a firm reaction from the Vice Chairman of Committee I DPD RI Filep Wamafma. This member of the DPD RI from West Papua gave striking comments.

"In his position as KSP, Moeldoko should have provided comforting comments. The situation that is currently heating up in Papua does not need to be commented on excessively, especially in the capacity as KSP," said Filep, Thursday (29/9/2022).

“If this is purely law enforcement, why is KSP interfering? Moreover, KSP does not have any authority regarding law enforcement. Let's look at Article 2 of Presidential Decree Number 83 of 2019 concerning the Presidential Staff Office, which emphasizes that the Presidential Staff Office has the task of providing support to the President and Vice President in controlling national priority programs, political communication, and management of strategic issues. Article 3 also explains the same thing,” said Senator Filep.

Therefore, Filep emphasized, the KSP area is in the political communication section and does not take care of law enforcement, let alone regulate the TNI. According to him, there is not a single article in Presidential Decree No. 83 of 2019 which mentions the authority of the KSP to regulate the TNI.

Furthermore, this member of Committee I DPD RI regretted Moeldoko's statement which seemed to give room for the presence of the TNI in the Lukas Enembe case.

"Mr. Moeldoko, as a former TNI Commander, certainly knows the duties and functions of the TNI. So commenting on the need for the TNI only creates new political trauma," Filep added.

"It is common knowledge that the military approach in Papua still has its pros and cons. Moreover, the pain over the deaths of Papuans due to the actions of certain individuals, for example the mutilation case, the Paniai case, and other human rights violations, also still leaves an impression. So why do we have to create a new narrative about the need for the TNI in civil society cases?” asked Filep.

According to the former member of the Special Committee for Papua, Moeldoko's statement was inappropriate in the current situation in Papua.

"As a representative of the people, I remind any party in this country not to clash the TNI and the people of Papua. There have been many wounds in the Land of Papua due to such vertical conflicts," said Filep again.

This Unhas Doctoral alumnus hopes that all parties will hold back and let law enforcers carry out their duties.

"We leave everything to the work of investigators. Every comment, especially from a public official, will greatly impact the peace of Papua," concluded Filep.(*)

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