LaNyalla: Back to the 1945 Constitution of the Original Manuscript, How to Realize Social Justice

30 September 2022 oleh admin

JAKARTA, dpd.go.id - The chairman of the DPD RI, AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti, said that returning to the original 45 text of the Constitution which was then revised by means of an addendum was one way to achieve social justice for all Indonesian people.

LaNyalla emphasized, that social justice is difficult to achieve because oligarchs are able to control and dominate the nodes of state power.

"Why did that happen? Because the amendments to the Constitution from 1999 to 2002 have opened up opportunities for the domination of a few people to dominate and drain the wealth of this country," said LaNyalla in the National Dialogue to Commemorate the 61st Anniversary of IKAMI South Sulawesi in Jakarta, Friday (30/9/2022).

For this reason, LaNyalla continued since being sworn in as Chair of the House of Regional Representative of the Senat of Indonesia (DPD RI) in October 2019, he went down to the regions to see and hear firsthand the aspirations and problems faced by the regions and stakeholders in the regions.

"I have traveled to 34 provinces in Indonesia and more than 300 cities and regencies in Indonesia. I found one conclusion, why almost all problems in the regions are the same. Starting from the problem of depleted regional natural resources, to structural poverty and the regional fiscal independence index. which is far from independent. It turns out that the root of the problem lies in the upstream area, namely social injustice, "he said.

For this reason, LaNyalla continued, improvements or corrections to this must be carried out in the upstream area. Not downstream.

"That's why lately I've been traveling around Indonesia to offer ideas and thoughts. That this nation must return to sovereignty over the earth, water and natural resources which are gifts from Allah SWT," said the Bugis-blooded man.

"If we are honest, is the direction of this nation's journey towards what the founders of this nation aspired to, or is it further away from the ideals contained in the values of Pancasila and the preamble of the 1945 Constitution. Please answer," he said. again.

Therefore, LaNyalla continues to campaign to reorganize Indonesia, not about the Copras-Capres. This is done in order to face future challenges that will be even more difficult for our children and grandchildren.

"For that we must return to Pancasila. So that we do not become a nation that is disobedient to the founding fathers of the nation. So that we do not become a nation that is uprooted from its national roots. So that we do not become a nation that loses identity and character," he said.

LaNyalla added, the founders of the nation have formulated Pancasila as the most ideal system for a super-diverse nation, with hundreds of inhabited islands, separated by oceans, with more than 500 ethnic groups living on these islands.

Because, only the Pancasila Democracy system is able to accommodate all elements of the nation as part of the representative elements and elements of the people's incarnation.

"The main and absolute characteristic that must exist in the Pancasila Democratic System is that all elements of this nation, which are different, which are separate, must be represented as the main sovereign owner who is in the highest institution in this country. So that there will be representatives of the people and the incarnation of the people," he explained.

"That is the conception of the Indonesian state system as contained in the Original Manuscript of the 1945 Constitution. Where there are elements from political parties, regional representatives from Sabang to Merauke, from Miangas to Rote and elements from complete groups. So that our democracy is complete," he added.

Then, he continued, they jointly prepared the direction of the nation's journey through the GBHN and chose the President and Vice President as mandated or mandated officers. So the President is a public officer. Not a party official.

"Let's unite our determination to return to the 1945 Constitution, the original text compiled by the founding fathers of the nation. Then we will refine it in the right way, by adding an addendum, so that it does not eliminate Pancasila as the highest legal norm," he said.

But it cannot be denied, he continued, that the original 1945 Constitution is mandatory and must be perfected. So as not to repeat the practice of irregularities that occurred in the Old Order and New Order eras.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chairman of the MPR RI who is also a DPD member from South Sulawesi, Tamsil Linrung, assessed that what LaNyalla conveyed was very comprehensive and substantive.

"Therefore, the idea must be a reference for discussions and actions of all IKAMI members," he said.

According to Tamsil Linrung, this nation is getting away from national ideals and goals. The indications are already visible.

"For example, the increasing state debt and this will later be passed on to our children and grandchildren," he said.

Tamsil added that the DPD RI can actually play a maximum role in helping to realize social justice and people's welfare if the DPD's authority is expanded to participate in discussing the Law with the DPR.

"If we can participate in the discussion, surely the issue of transfer funds to the regions will be fought for by members of the DPD. Also the village funds, which since 2017 amounted to 401 trillion. This is the need for amendments to the Constitution as conveyed by the Chairman of the DPD RI," he said.

Present at the event were the General Chairperson of the South Sulawesi Student/Student Family Association (IKAMI), Rahmat Al Kahfi, Deputy Chairperson of the South Sulawesi Family Harmony BPP (KKSS), Wahidah Laomo, Head of Pinrang Family Harmony, Abdullah Natsir, Head of the South Sulawesi Liaison Agency in Jakarta, Andi Erwin Terwo representing the Governor of South Sulawesi, dialogue speakers and members of IKAMI South Sulawesi.(*)

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