Committee III DPD RI Holds RDPU with PDSI Regarding The Medical Practice Bill

28 September 2022 oleh admin

JAKARTA, dpd.go.id – Committee III DPD RI held a hearing with the Indonesian Doctors Association (PDSI). Deputy Chairman of Committee III Habib Ali Alwi, who chaired the meeting, in his remark stated that the DPD RI had agreed that the Medical Education Bill would become the National Legislation Program in 2022. This was an effort to overcome the maldistribution of doctors, which the public complained about a lot.

“Currently it is estimated that there are more than 8000 Medical Graduates who have not passed the Doctor Profession Student Competency Test (UKMPPD). In this regard, Committee III fully supports the acceleration of the Medical Education Bill in the DPR RI, said Habib Ali at a meeting held at the DPD RI Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan (27/9/2022).”

PDSI Chairperson, Jajang Edi Priyatno said that the shortage of doctors in remote areas was due to the Faculty of Medicine’s quota, which was not proportional to the number of interested parties in the faculty. In addition, there are many doctors who have graduated but cannot open a practice because they are hampered by passing the competency exam.

"5,000 Indonesian doctors cannot practice because they are hampered by passing competency exams, the regulation of which is held by the collegium of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI). Meanwhile, in remote areas, we have a shortage of doctors, but there are still many senior doctors who have participated in hindering a new doctor's permission to open practice because they are worried. competition. For this reason, PDSI is here to voice the fate of doctors who have difficulty opening licenses to practice, which is not in accordance with Permenkes No. 14 of 2021," said Jajang.

Responding to this, the senator from Bali Anak Agung Gde Agung, recommended that PDSI carry out a judicial review regarding the monopoly of professional organizations regarding the granting of licenses to practice medicine by IDI to the Constitutional Court (MK).

"I suggest gentlemen from PDSI submit this judicial review to the Constitutional Court. Because it is suspected that the monopoly of this professional organization has violated Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution concerning freedom of association and assembly. On the other hand, if the problem is caused by norms in the Medical Practice Law which are not in accordance with the needs of the community, then efforts to revise the Medical Practice Law can be a way out," said Anak Agung.

In line with Anak Agung, Senator from South Sulawesi, Lily A Sahurapa regretted the actions of Indonesian citizens (WNI) who spent on medical expenses abroad because they thought that doctors who graduated from abroad were more competent.

"There are so many Indonesian citizens who choose to seek treatment abroad, while in fact there are many young medical graduates who study abroad but instead, their workforce is not used in Indonesia because of the difficulty in obtaining a permit to practice," said Lily.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Habib Ali Alwi admitted that he had not received official information regarding the bill in question. "Regarding the Omnibus Law on the Health Law, we from Committee III have not officially received any information, even the draft of the bill. So, for now, the revision of the Medicine Law is not included in the National Legislation Program," he said.

However, added Habib Ali, Committee III DPD RI encouraged PDSI to conduct a comprehensive study regarding the Medical Practice Bill. (hes)

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