DPD RI Chair Asks All Parties to Improve the Quality of the Press Freedom Index in East Java

27 September 2022 oleh admin

SURABAYA, dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI, AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattaliti, also paid attention to the Press Freedom Index (IKP) in East Java. This is because the results of the 2022 IKP survey conducted by the Press Council put East Java in the third lowest position, above West Papua and North Maluku.

For this reason, LaNyalla asked the Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, to pay serious attention to this problem. This is because the survey results clearly indicate that press freedom in East Java is not doing well.

"The governor must find a way and find the problem why the IKP in East Java is in a low position," explained LaNyalla when meeting the East Java Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) chairman, Lutfil Hakim, along with the daily's board.

LaNyalla also encouraged PWI to help find a way out to boost the IKP figure. "PWI friends must be involved in improving the IKP in East Java," he explained.

According to LaNyalla, East Java is a barometer of all things in Indonesia. If then the IKP number is low, that is of course very worrying.

The Chairperson of the East Java PWI, Lutfil Hakim, said he was ready to help the Governor improve the East Java IKP.

According to Lutfil, the results of a survey by the Press Council regarding IKP in East Java were not encouraging. However, he hopes that all parties will use the results as material for self-correction and introspection.

"Although we can still debate the results related to the methodology and indicators used by the survey, the wise step that we need to think about is what will happen in the future," explained Lutfil.

Therefore, PWI will pro-actively communicate well with the Press Council regarding improving the survey methodology so that it can actually capture a more precise index of independence. He will also encourage regional heads to pay attention to increasing the index of press freedom in East Java.

According to Lutfil, one aspect that needs to be done is to present regulations governing the role of the press in reporting on issues related to gender mainstreaming, child-friendly reporting to the role of the press in opening access for persons with disabilities.

To boost the value of the press freedom index, continued Lutfil, the Governor must also show his commitment to increasing the capacity and quality of the press in the regions.

"What the Press Council is doing in maintaining and improving the quality of the press through a number of policies such as holding journalist competency tests or certifying press companies, must be supported by the local government," said Lutfil.

According to him, it is this support that needs to be formulated in the form of a regulation which can take the form of a Governor's Regulation (Pergub) and or in the form of a Regional Regulation (Perda).

"East Java PWI is ready to initiate and assist local governments to make regulations that can boost the press freedom index in the future," said Lutfil.(*)

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