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Filep Wamafma Responds to the Murder of Workers in West Papua

30 September 2022 oleh admin

JAKARTA, dpd.go.id - The killing of 4 workers for the Trans Moskona road construction project, Bintuni Regency, again shocked the public of West Papua. After previously it was reported that the killing was carried out by an Unknown Person (OTK), the TPNPB press release stated that it was the party that carried out and was responsible for the incident.

Met separately at his office, West Papua Senator Filep Wamafma spoke up. He also conveyed his condolences to the victim's family.

“I personally express my condolences for this incident. An incident like this should never have to happen again. We hope that the police will immediately do things that can change people's minds so they can be aware and alert in conflict-prone areas." Filep said.

“We know that the victims of this kind of conflict come from civilians and the TNI. In the name of humanity, I emphasize that whoever the victim is, in whatever name violence is not justified,” said Filep.

The leader of Committee I of the House of Regional Representatives (DPD) requested that the murder incident be used as an evaluation material for development policies in Papua.

“This incident shows that the security guarantees for civilians by the Police and the TNI are still weak, especially the West Papua Regional Police and the Kasuari Regional Military Command. This security guarantee is the basis for life safety and human rights for civilians, especially for workers in conflict-prone areas. Of course, the National Police and the TNI need to evaluate, both internally and externally regarding the steps that have been taken," said Filep.

Filep added that Committee I DPD RI would act quickly to respond to the incident.

"Considering that in the last few days, the escalation of violence has escalated in Papua, we, from Committee I of the DPD RI, will summon the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, TNI and Polri during the next trial. This is nothing but to ensure the seriousness of the Government in creating peace in Papua,” added Filep.

Until this news was published, the bodies of the victims of the murder were still controlled by TPNPB. (*)

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