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dpd.go.id - Indonesia opens investment opportunities in various fields in Indonesia. Saudi Arabia-Indonesia investment development is expected to strengthen relations between the two countries. This was conveyed by the Secretary General of DPD RI, Rahman Hadi at the opening of the Indonesia-Saudi Arabia Business Forum Gathering at the Sultan Hotel Jakarta, Thursday (29/9/2022).

Rahman Hadi explained that with close relations in various aspects, the two countries have actively promoted sustainable and equal development.

"If I describe the relationship between the two countries in one word, brotherhood is the word that comes to mind. The Saudi vision for 2030 has changed from an economy based on natural resources to an economy that is productive and diverse," he said.

In line with that, Deputy for Administration Lalu Niqman Zahir conveyed that the background to today's meeting was in the framework of carrying out constitutional duties to channel people's aspirations. On the other hand, the DPD RI also needs to encourage the development of the people's economy and regional development which can be achieved through investment. In addition, there is a strong desire from businessmen from the Middle East Region to invest in Indonesia.

"This was revealed during a visit last May 17, so today's meeting is a follow-up to that meeting," said Lalu Niqman in his opening remarks.

Furthermore Lalu added, like a discussion and communication forum, today's meeting is expected to make it easier for Middle Eastern investors to find business opportunities in Indonesia.

"Therefore, we expect the government's willingness to be able to provide explanations, explanations or information related to business potential in Indonesia, including those related to government policies in the investment sector," he added.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Harvick Hasnul Qolbi explained that the government is opening itself to investment and trade opportunities for Saudi Arabia. This is because the government has agreed to face the challenges of the crisis with the three-time export movement or what is called Geratieks, which is expected to accelerate the rate of export of agricultural commodities towards a modern agricultural ecosystem.

"The Ministry of Agriculture has a Directorate General of Livestock, Agricultural Infrastructure, Plantation, Horticulture and Food Crops. So the opportunity is wide open and allows all exports and imports, especially in the food sector," he explained.

The Director General of Capture Fisheries, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Tri Aris Wibowo, said that his party was implementing measured fishing based on quotas and zoning. This policy replaced the fishery system that had been implemented for a long time, from input control to output control. This policy is a solution so that fishing in the ocean remains under control and the ecosystem is maintained.

"If previously ships could catch as much fish as they wanted without any restrictions, now by implementing a measurable fisheries policy it will be done by limiting the number and types of fish caught in one vessel," he said.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian business actor Hamad Daefullah Al Mabadi explained a number of obstacles in carrying out investments in Indonesia, including licensing issues, regulatory or policy issues and coordination between the center and the regions.

"The various things that we feel about investing in Indonesia are uncertain regulations, complicated permits, and a lack of coordination between the central and regional governments," he said. *tho

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