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Meeting the Council of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the DPD RI Asks for Trade Routes in War Areas to be Completely Opened

06 October 2022 oleh admin

JAKARTA, dpd.go.id - The chairman of the DPD RI, AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti, asked Russia to completely open trade routes in war zones. Because Indonesia needs to improve economic relations with all countries in the Eurasia region.

LaNyalla conveyed this when receiving a visit from a delegation from the Russian Federation Council at the DPD RI office, Nusantara III Building, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (5/10/2022).

"In the context of bilateral relations, the meeting of the two Heads of State on June 30, 2022 confirmed Indonesia's foreign policy stance in accordance with the mandate of the Constitution. That is how terrible the humanitarian disaster will be in various countries if the war is continued. We will also be affected economically," LaNyalla said.

According to LaNyalla, the DPD RI really appreciates President Putin's attitude that has provided security guarantees for the transportation of fertilizers, food, and energy to get out of the area. According to him, it could not be separated from the support and input of the Federation Council and the Russian State Duma.

"Because of the support from the Federation Council and the State Duma, it is possible for trade routes in war zones to be reopened," said LaNyalla.

He added that Indonesia was negotiating with the Eurasian Economic Union to establish a free trade area or FTA.

LaNyalla also highlighted the business cooperation between the two countries that has existed since April 21, 2003, as stated in the Declaration on the Framework for Friendly Relations and Partnerships between Indonesia and Russia.

The collaboration, said LaNyalla, only focused on cooperation between large companies, so the realization of the cooperation was not as fast as expected.

"In fact there are very many medium-sized companies in various regions in Indonesia that actually want to do business with Russia. Both in partnerships for the production of consumer goods and the creation of added value for various agricultural commodities, livestock, home industry products and so on, whose market is very large in Indonesia and in this region," he said.

The chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Valentina Matvienko agrees with LaNyalla that trade has a fairly important role, especially for both countries.

"We must strive to encourage business, investment, trade and economic interactions in order to enhance bilateral cooperation. There are many sectors that have not been worked on," said Valentina.

However, there are sanctions that Russia gets. This makes it difficult for Russia to distribute the various things it has in the context of trade. "For example, fertilizers and wheat. We sell wheat to 137 countries in the world. But now, the sanctions make it difficult for us. Likewise with fertilizers, where sanctions are a barrier for us in logistics and transportation," he said.

Likewise with oil and gas, Valentina said sanctions made it difficult for Russia to sell them abroad. On that occasion, Valentina also described the beginning of the war with Ukraine that began until now. However, he explained that Russia is ready to open peace talks as long as it is done by both parties.

Valentina also invited the Chair of the DPD RI to visit Russia to expand cooperation between the two countries. "We ask for support so that the regions in Russia can cooperate in various fields of economy, culture, health and others," he said.

At the end of the meeting, LaNyalla gave Valentina Matvienko a gift of a Keris, which is an Indonesian heritage that has been recognized by Unesco. LaNyalla also gave the book The Power of Iron, which is a book that reviews Keris and photos of heirloom Keris from his personal collection.

At the meeting, the Chairman of the DPD RI was accompanied by Mahyudin (Vice DPD RI Sector II), Sultan B. Najamuddin (Vice DPD RI Sector III), Elviana (Chairman of Committee IV), Sylviana Murni (Chairman of BKSP), Habib Ali Alwi (Vice Chair of Committee III). ), Sefti Ramsiaty (Deputy for Sessions of DPD RI) and Lalu Niqman Zahir (Deputy for Administration of DPD RI).

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation was accompanied by Konstantin Kosachev (Vice Chairman of the Federation Council), Petr Tostoy (Vice Chair of the State Duma), Senator Liliya Gumerova (Chairman of the Committee on Science, Education and Culture who is also Co-Chair of the Cooperation Group of the Federation Council and DPD RI, Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov (Vice Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs), Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Lyudmila Vorobieva, Gennady Golov (Head of Staff of the Federation Council) along with other officials from the Federation Council, State Duma, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and the Embassy Russian in Jakarta. (*)

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