Discussing the Revision of the Statistical Law with BPS, the Sultan Suggests the Census be Held Every 5 Years

27 September 2022 oleh admin

dpd.go.id - Deputy chairman of the House of Regional Representatives (DPD) RI Sultan B Najamudin proposed that the data collection process for the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) go through a census process which is being carried out every 10 years to be accelerated to once every 5 years.

This was conveyed by the former Deputy Governor of Bengkulu at the opening of the Committee IV DPD RI Focus Discussion Group (FDG) event with BPS RI regarding the Revision of the Statistical Law Number 16 of 1997, in Bandung on Tuesday (27/09).

"Data is a very crucial commodity in the digital era. So that valid and updated data is what every policy maker, both government and private, needs most," said Sultan.

So, said the Sultan, given the demands for updating data in today's rapidly developing era, adjustments to the process of updating demographic, economic and agricultural data are needed quickly. But now the Statistical Law stipulates that a census is carried out every 10 years.

"The absence of detailed, valid and updated economic data sourced from the BPS census has the potential to cause problems and debate in the public space. Especially ahead of the implementation of the 5-year political agenda such as elections," said the senator from Bengkulu.

According to him, BPS is a data reference anchor that is very reliable in meeting national data needs. With valid and updated data, it is hoped that it will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of central government policies down to the villages.

"The census conducted before the end of the National leadership period will be a barometer of the success of the National and regional leadership in the current era of simultaneous direct elections. Indirectly, this is of course very important for the future of our democracy," he concluded.(*)

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