Anies Relocates 66 Monument, Fahira Idris: Thank You for Preserving the Struggle of the Previous Generation

06 October 2022 oleh admin

Jakarta, dpd.go.id — DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan inaugurated the transfer or relocation of 66Monument from the Rasuna Said area, Kuningan to Menteng Park. Monument 66 was relocated because it is closed to the busway stop and blocked by the LRT station.

DPD RI member Fahira Idris said that monuments cannot be separated from the development of a city. For a city and its citizens, a monument is not just a physical building, but has a deep meaning for the major events that occurred in the city. Jakarta as the epicenter of major events that occurred in this country, starting from the Youth Pledge, the Proclamation of Independence, the big wave of Tritura pioneered by students in 1966, to the 1998 reformation, scattered monuments that symbolize past struggles, one of which is 66 Monument.

“As a citizen of Jakarta, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the full support from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in moving 66Monument from the Rasuna Said area, Kuningan to Menteng Park. Thank you for perpetuating the struggle of the previous generation. Hopefully this monument will be an inspiration for every generation of this country," said Fahira on the sidelines of the inauguration of the transfer of 66Monument in Menteng Park, Jakarta (5/10).

According to Fahira, who is also the daughter of one of the main figures driving the Tritura or Force 66 Fahmi Idris, 66Monument, which was first inaugurated in 1992, was built to commemorate and transmit inspiration to every generation that at one point in time, in 1966, a brilliant movement had spawned. driven by young people in fighting for the aspirations of the people and for the sake of maintaining the stability of the country.

In addition to fulfilling social elements, 66 Monument also has an aesthetic function because it adds to the beauty of the city. The placement of 66 Monument in Menteng park is also the right choice, because the park is a place for people to gather, where parents take their children, where residents interact in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. With this monument, the Menteng area will look even more alive.

"However, from all of that, the most essential function of 66 Monument is an educational function because it can be an effective educational vehicle to remember, take the essence and hopefully become an inspiration for every generation," concluded Fahira Idris.

On this occasion, Fahira Idris also presented the DPD RI Certificate of Appreciation to all parties, from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to field workers whose contributions were very important in the relocation of 66 Monument from Jalan Rasuna Said to the Menteng Park area, Jakarta. #

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