DPD RI Highlights the Quality of Indonesian PAUD


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI questions the quality of Early Childhood Education (PAUD), which has so far not received serious attention from the Government. In fact, PAUD is a fundamental education for the quality and quality of future generations of the Indonesian Nation.
"Early childhood education is very important, but the implementation is still a problem. Such as quality, teaching staff, and operational costs, "said Chairman of Committee III DPD RI Dedi Iskandar Batubara during the Hearings related to" PAUD, Basic / Secondary Education "at DPD RI Building, Jakarta, Monday (17/12).
Dedi highlighted that so far PAUD educators had not yet graduated. Recorded from more than 552 thousand people in Indonesia, the qualification of new graduates is 47.9 percent. "While 52 percent are still high school. So its scientific relevance is questionable, "he explained.
Basically, he continued, learning in PAUD teaches how a child is disciplined, socialized, and have personality. Another fact, there are still teachers who do not apply the concept. "Even the instructor encourages children to master reading and writing. They should read and write when they are in elementary school, "said Dedi.

The Senator of North Sumatera added that the government budget for improving the quality of PAUD teachers is still limited. This can be seen from the difficulty of seeing news content in the use of technology and information. "The government has so far paid little attention to the quality of PAUD teachers. They should be able to use digital technology now, "he said.
Meanwhile, Committee III member Ahmad Sadeli Karim explained that village funds could be a solution to the quality and development of PAUD in the regions. "Maybe the repairs or construction of schools can use the village funds. But for the fulfillment of educators clearly can not. Because our educators are still lacking, "he said.
Ahmad Sadeli hoped the government can also pay attention to the Diniyah Madrasah because in the regions there are thousands. So far, the Diniyah Madrasah has also escaped mutual attention so that its fate is more severe than PAUD.
"There are a lot of Diniyah Madrasah, but they are not considered by the government. In fact, there are teachers who are paid a hundred thousand a month. Even though the Early Madrasah is important for the morale of the nation to come, "Ahmad Sadeli commented.
At the same event, Director General of PAUD and Community Education (Dikmas) Ministry of Education and Culture Harris Iskandar said the development of PAUD in Indonesia in the past 15 years has been extraordinary. But it still works for equal distribution to Indonesian children. "Moreover, we are campaigning for the Pre-elementary school of 1 Year PAUD Movement. Thank God, the people's response is extraordinary, "he explained.

Harris added that the government is currently allocating a budget of Rp. 4.47 trillion for PAUD Operational Assistance (BOP) next year. This targets the PAUD institution that is registered in the Principal Data on PAUD and Dikmas (Dapodik). "This assistance is to improve the quality of our PAUD services," he explained.
Haris explained that a quality PAUD program is not just the task of the central government. But regional governments, the private sector, and the community. "We have committed ourselves to the MDGs. So we must provide good quality for Indonesian children, "he said.


17 Desember 2018