DPD RI Holds FGD Discussing Board Members' Ethics and Image


Serang, dpd.go.id - Ethic Council (BK) of DPD RI held an FGD in the context of Enforcing Ethics, Honor, and Image of DPD RI, at Sultan Agung Tirtayasa University, Serang Banten, Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

The Chairman of the Ethic Council of DPD RI, Mervin Sadipun Komber when opening the FGD explained that the enforcement of ethics was an important thing in the task of the institutional authority of DPD RI in implementing legislation related to the duties of DPD RI.

"We don't only give sanctions / punishments if there are ethics or rules in DPD RI rules and procedures violated by members, but we also provide reward ratings for the craft and performance of members of DPD RI, we are very open and even announced it officially at the plenary session, this was not met by other institutions, "explained Mervin.

He continued, one of the obstacles in handling cases of violations of the code of ethics is that when a member is associated with a legal case, the BK must take a wait until the legal case is completed, so as not to interfere in the jurisdiction.

"We BK work in an ethical area, not to interfere and intervene in legal proceedings when members are involved in legal matters, so if there is a case of law-related members we wait for the case to be settled, while gathering evidence, after the case the law is complete, then we work in the ethics area, we collect evidence, gather witnesses and hold ethical sessions in accordance with the process in the Honorary Board, "he explained.

A government science expert of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa University, Abdul Hamid, stated that dealing with ethics is an easy and difficult thing. He said that when talking about social ethics, it was not only internal to an institution, but that reflection appeared in the view of the community to institutions or agency.

"Pertama untuk membangun martabat, kehormatan, citra itu justru apa yang nampak di masyarakat, oleh karena itu, DPD harus menegaskan posisinya sesuai kewenangan dengan kreatif sesuai konstitusi. Selain itu, DPD harus membangun citra positif yang berbasis kepada kinerja, barulah memperluas kewenangan dengan target dan langkah terukur, ketika saudara tuanya di sebelah (DPR) bercitra dan berkinerja buruk maka saatnya DPD RI naik, kesempatan ini yang harus diambil," tuturnya.

"First to build dignity, honor, that image is precisely what appears in society, therefore, the DPD must affirm its position in accordance with the authority creatively in accordance with the constitution. In addition, the DPD must build a positive image based on performance, then expand the authority to the target and measurable steps, when his elder brother next (DPR) has an image and performs poorly, then the time for the Indonesian DPD to rise, this opportunity must be taken, "he said.

Meanwhile, Banten Senator Ahmad Sadeli Karim highlighted the problem of lack of impartiality of the media to the coverage of DPD RI which was very minimal and arguably less sexy than the next brother.

"The media also have a big contribution in building the image of DPD RI, it does require a lot of money to build it, and that is one of our shortcomings, but that is not a reason for us to not perform, we always work in the direction of our authority, in each of our constituencies, almost all of the problems that enter us are resolved, indeed only less exposed, "he said.

West Papua Senator Mervin added that BK DPD RI was very open and worked as much as possible to complete all reports indiscriminately from the community, or from members.

"We are very open, every report that comes indiscriminately will be processed according to our procedures in an honorary body, even if the report is related to the leadership, we will finish professionally," he concluded.

Also present were Vice Chairman of BK Hendri Zainudin, Abdul Jabbar Toba, members of BK Fahira Idris, Dedi Iskandar Batubara, Andi Surya, Chancellor of Untirta Soleh Hidayat. (Mas)


11 Desember 2018