Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The honorary sign of Bintang Mahaputera Utama is a form of recognition and appreciation of the state for the struggle of women in fighting for their rights, especially in the political field. Community life is called democratic if the application of respecting human rights is done fairly and equally through advancing human rights, respecting differences, including recognition of the role of women who are marginalized as a result of socially and culturally translated roles, relations between men and women in productive, reproductive and political spheres. Women's political participation is one of the prerequisites for implementing democracy.

Since the reformation, the opportunity for the women's movement has opened up to strengthen gender mainstreaming efforts in formal and non-formal institutions. Women's struggle to become a major player in the political arena experiences a steep and winding road. Barriers arise both culturally and structurally. Indeed the equality of position between women and men in Indonesia has been guaranteed in Article 27 of the 1945 Constitution, namely: All citizens are together with their position in law and government and must uphold the law and government with no exception.

Then in the case of special treatment. Temporary special treatment is the constitutional mandate and mandate contained in Article 28H of the 1945 Constitution, paragraph (2). Article 28H Paragraph (2) states: Every person has the right to receive, ease and special treatment to obtain equal opportunities and benefits in order to achieve equality and justice. The special treatment guaranteed by the constitution, namely to get convenience and to obtain equal opportunities, is to achieve equality and justice for every citizen who has experienced discrimination so that it can accelerate "de facto" equality between men and women.

On this basis the legislators made special regulations because the special treatment did not violate the 1945 Constitution. A policy, whether legislation, budget, or other policies will favor women, if there is involvement of women because it is women who better understand subjective needs that will have a direct or indirect impact on improving women's welfare.

We as a nation that respects diversity must demonstrate a joint commitment in a concrete and measurable manner in strengthening the executive, judiciary and legislative as well as institutions related to human rights and women in providing and reforming policies and legislation for the prevention and protection of women.

One tangible form of the policy is budget allocation for each agency at the regional level, and also the institutionalization of women's empowerment in all government agencies. It is expected that the gender perspective can color the entire system of government agencies to be more sensitive to gender issues. This is important because women's development is an integral part of the development of a nation. In fact, the development of women is also an absolute requirement for nation building. Therefore, national development policies must begin to take seriously the protection of women's rights and the empowerment of women in an effort to actualize the role of women in the public sphere. If what RA Kartini dreamed of about equality and progress of women can be fulfilled today, and in the future, this nation has a brilliant future. Women are agents that determine the future of the nation. Not only will superior generations be born, but in the hands of women national development can also be mobilized. 

My message to women, politics is indeed power, but take power is ethically and always aimed at the benefit of the people. Continue to increase capacity, competence, and networking to prove that women are able to advance the nation and state. Whatever happens there is no reason for women to despair. There are still opportunities for women to optimize their involvement in government and development. * GKR.Hemas * Recipient of the Honorary Sign of Bintang Mahaputera Utama of State Palace, August 15, 2018.

15 Agustus 2018