DPD RI Assesses Farmers' Fate Has Not Become a Country Priority 05 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-Committee II DPD RI assesses Act No. 22 Year 2019 concerning Sustainable Agriculture Cultivation System has not been in favor of farmers. Specifically, this Law does not regulate the rights of farmers; even the movement of farmers is still limited.  
DPD Chairman Highlights the Case of Stalled Land in Batam 05 Februari 2020
Batam, dpd.go.id- On the second day of working visit of DPD RI Chairman, AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti to Batam City, it was filled with a meeting with Batam Entrepreneurship Agency (BP) stakeholders. During the meeting, LaNyalla and his entourage were received by Deputy Batam BP Purwiyanto, at BP Batam Building on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Batam Center, Batam City, Wednesday (05/02/2020).  
DPD RI Praises President Jokowi Who Inaugurates Fatmawati Monument 05 Februari 2020
Bengkulu, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia praised President Jokowi who today (Wednesday, 5/02) inaugurated the National Heroes Fatmawati Soekarno monument, in the city of Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province, on Wednesday (5/02). Fatmawati Soekarno was the first lady, President Soekarno's wife who sewed the red and white heirloom flag.  
Working Visit to Babel, Committee III Absorbs Aspirations on Education and Health Insurance 04 Februari 2020
Pangkal Pinang, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI paid a working visit to Pangkal Pinang to discuss issues of education and health insurance in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province. The arrival of Committee III DPD RI followed up on the discourse of the Minister of Education and Culture to replace the National Examination (UN) with an assessment system and implementation of health insurance by BPJS after the increase in BPJS health contributions by 100 percent.  
Expansion of Hang Nadim, LaNyalla reminded to involve local entrepreneurs 04 Februari 2020
Batam, dpd.go.id-Plans for the expansion of the Hang Nadim Batam international airport received a positive response from the Chairman of DPD RI LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti when observing directly on location, Tuesday (2/2/2020). LaNyalla was accompanied by two senators from DPD RI, Haripinto Tanuwidjaya from Riau Islands and Alirman Sori from West Sumatera.  
DPD RI: DPD RI Is Ready to Help the Government Deliver Work Programs 04 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-The Vice Chairman of DPD RI Sultan B. Najamudin considers the role of DPD RI is very important in supporting the work program of the ministry. According to him, one of the doors to socialize government work programs is through DPD RI.  
In Jambi Province, Committee I DPD RI Gets Inputs on Simplifying Bureaucracy and Simultaneous Regional Elections 04 Februari 2020
Jambi, dpd.go.id-Committee I of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) conducted a series of Work Visits (Kunker) to Jambi Province on Monday (3/2). The Delegation of Committee I DPD RI was led by Chairman Agustin Teras Narang, Vice Chairman Fachrul Razi and several members including H.M. Syukur (Jambi), Instiawati Ayus (Riau), KH.Amang Syafrudin (West Java), Eni Khairani (Bengkulu), and I.G.N. Arya Wedakarna (Bali).  
DPD RI: Immediately Revise the Waste Management Law 03 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-Committee II DPD RI deems it important to immediately revise the Act No. 18 Year 2008 concerning Waste Management, because the problem of waste in Indonesia has become a national problem that must be immediately solved.  
DPD RI Invites European Union to Increase Cooperation 30 Januari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Sultan B. Najamudin invites European Union countries to invest in Indonesia, because regions in Indonesia have potential that should be cooperated with countries in the European Union such as rubber, coffee, oil, to tourism.
DPD RI Holds Simultaneous PPNPN Test in 33 Cities in Indonesia 30 Januari 2020
Bandar Lampung, dpd.go.id-The Secretariat General of DPD RI held a Non-Civil Servants Government Test (PPNPN) in 33 provincial cities throughout Indonesia simultaneously. One of them was in the Office of the Secretariat of DPD RI (Representative) of Lampung Province which held Written Tests and Interviews of 23 PPNPN Candidates.  
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI received the aspirations of DPRD Tasikmalaya City related to the acceleration of regional development in the city of Tasikmalaya. The meeting between DPD RI and the DPRD Tasikmalaya City was held in the meeting room of Committee IV at Parliament Complex, Senayan, Thursday (30/1). The DPD RI, represented by DPD RI members from West Java Asep Hidayat said the existence of DPD RI as a bridge to convey aspirations to the Central Government in accordance with their authority and capabilities. "In this era of regional auto
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-The Regional Legislation Committee (BULD) of DPD RI and the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) agreed to work together in monitoring and evaluating the draft regional regulations (ranperda) and regional regulations (perda). This was conveyed by the Chairman of BULD DPD RI, Mathin Billa during a Public Hearing (RDP) with the Director General of Regional Autonomy of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Akmal Malik in the BULD Meeting Room, Wednesday (29/1).  
BAP DPD RI: PT. KAI's Grondkaart Land Status Claim Needs to be Re-examined 29 Januari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-The issue of land conflicts between the community and PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), in various areas related to the status of grondkaart land is still occured. The Public Accountability Committee (BAP) of DPD RI deems it necessary to consult with the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning or the National Land Agency (ATR / BPN) Sofyan Djalil and PT.KAI President Director Edi Sukmoro, in order to parse the Grondkaart Land status claim by PT. KAI, at the ATR / BPN Ministry Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/1).  
BULD DPD RI: DPD RI will be synchronized in the Regional Regulation Drafting 29 Januari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Regional Legislation Committee (BULD) DPD RI received an audience from DPRD of Riau Islands in BULD’s Meeting Room of Parliament Complex, Jakarta. Wednesday (29/1). The delegation received by BULD members was led by Martin Billa, Senator of North Kalimantan Province.  
The Importance of Drafting the Regional Investment and Investment Bill As a step to realize the investment ease 28 Januari 2020
Samarinda, dpd.go.id - Committee IV DPD RI drafted a Regional Investment and Investment Bill as a step to realize investment ease, and continued to advance and improve regional welfare.