Committee I DPD RI Receives Aspirations on the Revision of the Election Law from ADEKSI 18 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI received aspirations from the Association of DPRD City (ADEKSI) about justice and wider democratic space in the Regional Head Election (Pilkada). This is related to Act Number 10 Year 2016 Article 7 which limits the regional election contestants, namely to resign from their positions, both as members of the DPR, DPD, DPRD, POLRI, TNI, or the State Civil Apparatus (ASN). As a requirement for participating in the regional elections, must resign from his position when running for regional head.  
Committee IV DPD RI Synergizes with OJK in Developing UMKM's in the Regions 18 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id — Committee IV DPD RI held a working meeting (Raker) with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) at DPD RI, Tuesday (18/2) to discuss the development of the People's Business Credit (KUR) distribution and support for the development of UMKM's in the region.
Central Java, dpd.go.id - On Tuesday (18/02) a working visit of Committee III DPD RI to the Central Java Provincial Government and its staffs in the framework of inventory material preparation and supervision of the implementation of Act number 3 Year 2005 concerning the National Sports System , in the Central Java Governor's Office.  
Committee I DPD RI: Development of the National Capital Must Involve Local Communities February 18, 2020 18 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-The plan to relocate the National Capital (IKN) to East Kalimantan in 2024 must involve the local community, so that the community is not just a spectator. This was discussed at the Hearing between the Committee I DPD RI with the Director General of Human Settlements of the Ministry of Public Works and the Winner of the IKN Design from Urban+ in the Meeting Room of the Committee I DPD RI, Parliament Complex, Senayan Jakarta, Tuesday, (18/2).  
Spur Sports Achievement, DPD RI Will Revises the SKN Law 18 Februari 2020
Jambi, dp.go.id-Committee III DPD RI views Act (Law) No. 3 of 2005 concerning the National Sports System (SKN) must be immediately revised because it has not been able to achieve the sporting objectives aspects as expected. This law is also considered to have not created participation or sports culture for Indonesian people.  
Committee II DPD RI Establishes Cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forests for Regional Welfare 17 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee II DPD RI held a working meeting (Raker) with the Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya Bakar at DPD RI, Monday (17/2) to discuss the work program of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. In the meeting, Committee II DPD RI discussed the waste and forestry problems that occur in the regions. In addition, in the future Committee II DPD RI will establish cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry related to the implementation of the program in the regions.
Vice Chairman of DPD RI Sultan B. Najamudin is Ready to Mediate Border Conflicts in Lebong and North Bengkulu Regencies 17 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia is ready to mediate the settlement of boundary conflicts between Lebong Regency and Bengkulu Regency. Thus the results of a meeting between the DPRD Lebong Regency and members of DPD RI from Bengkulu Province. The meeting, chaired by the Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Sultan B. Najamudin and the Chairman of DPRD Lebong, Charles Ronsen took place on the 8th floor of the Nusantara III Building Parliament Complex, Senayan Jakarta, Monday (17/02).
Meeting with Khofifah, the Chairman of DPD RI is Ready to Support the Presidential Regulation for the Acceleration of Development in East Java 17 Februari 2020
Surabaya, dpd.go.id-Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 80 of 2019 concerning the Acceleration of Economic Development in Gerbangkertosusila, BTS and Selingkar Wilis mandated to the Governor of East Java received support from the Chairman of DPD RI, AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti.  
Continuing to North Toraja, LaNyalla was greeted with questions about the fasum land dispute 12 Februari 2020
Rantepao, dpd.go.id - North Toraja Regency was the last day's working visit for the Chairman of DPD RI AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti in South Sulawesi Province. By traveling by land for almost two hours from the City of Palopo, LaNyalla and his entourage immediately held a work meeting with the Regent of North Toraja, Kalatiku Paembonan, Wednesday night (12/02/2020).  
PPUU DPD RI Convinced BUMDes Bill Will Be Completed This Year 12 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-The Bill Drafting Committee (PPUU) of DPD RI has completed one stage of absorbing an inventory of problems for enriching the material for the regulation of the BUMDes Bill. Thus, PPUU DPD RI believes in realizing the BUMDes Bill this year, because based on the response from the previous regions being visited, they fully support the drafting of this bill.  
Asking for Expansion Support, DPRD Banyumas Regency Visited Central Java DPD RI Members 12 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The planned expansion of Banyumas Regency has the support of DPD RI members in the constituency of Central Java. DPRD Banyumas Regency is expected to be able to immediately complete the study and submit the formally proposed expansion to DPD RI. This was said by DPD RI member from Central Java, Abdul Kholik who was also the Vice Chairman of Committee I when receiving a DPRD Banyumas delegation in the Committee IV Meeting Room of DPD RI, Wednesday (12/2).  
Visit Palopo, Chairman of DPD prayed at the oldest mosque, welcomed by the traditional ceremony of Kedatuan 12 Februari 2020
Palopo, dpd.go.id-Second-day work visit in South Sulawesi Province, Chairman of DPD RI AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti and his entourage filled with a working meeting with Mayor Palopo H. Muhammad Judas Amir in his office on Wednesday (12/2/2020).  
Jakarta, dpd.go.id- DPD RI encourages the Regional Government to support the Merdeka Belajar program issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) of the Republic of Indonesia. This was stated by Chairman of Committee III DPD RI, Bambang Sutrisno in the Working Meeting of Committee III DPD RI with the Ministry of Education and Culture which was held in the Majapahit Meeting Room, DPD RI Building, Wednesday (12/2).  
DPD RI Urges the Minister of Education and Culture to Improve Equitable Quality of Education in the Regions 12 Februari 2020
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Sultan Baktiar Najamudin asked the government to improve the quality of education in the regions. This was stated by the Sultan after leading a working meeting between the Committee III DPD RI with the Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim in Building B DPD RI, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/02).
Agricultural Technology to Attract Millennials to the Agricultural Industry 11 Februari 2020
Maros, dpd.go.id-There is a need for Socialization of Agricultural Technology to the millennials to make them interested in entering the agricultural industry. This was discussed by Committee II of DPD RI when visiting the Cereals Crop Technology Innovation Center, at the Cereals Research Institute (Balitsereal), Maros, South Sulawesi, Tuesday (11/2).