Senator Visit OKU Incident Victims

Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representatives (DPD) Laode Ida and senators of Committee I DPD visited the incident victim of police versus the military in the Pavilion Soeparto 1, 2, and 3 Bhayangkara Hospital, Palembang, Monday afternoon (11/3). The senators of Committee I DPD consist of the Chairman of Committee I DPD (in charge of, among others, regional autonomy, law, human rights, and the center-periphery relations) as well as two members Alirman Sori, Paulus Yohanes Sumino and Percha Leanpuri.

They visited three incident victims of assault with burning Mapolres Ogan Histories Ulu (OKU) and Mapolsek Martapura in South Sumatera (Sumsel) that were marred by Meden Arteleri Battalion personnel (Armed) 15/76 Tarik Syailendra Martapura, Thursday (7/3). All three victims are Commissioner Ridwan, Martapura police chief, who was treated at the Pavilion Soeparto I, Aiptu Marbawi, Then Police OKU members, who were treated at the Pavilion Soeparto II, and Aiptu Ajrul Hasibuan, who was treated at the Pavilion Soeparto III, Bayangkara Hospital.

Laode explained, the arrival of the group to Bhayangkara Hospital intends to visit the three incident victims of police versus military. “Our plan will be to the scene, but due to time constraints we did not go to the location, not to mention the situation at the scene start conducive. So we immediately visit the victims in the hospital. “Later that night, they met South Sumatera Provincial Secretary Yusra Effendi (representing Governor Alex Nurdin), Sriwijaya II military commander Maj. Gen. Nugroho Widyotomo, South Sumatera Police Chief Insp Gen Iskandar Hasan, and OKU Regent Julius Nawawi in the Executive Lounge Aryaduta Hotel, Palembang. The event was also attended among others Danyon Armed 15/76 Major Arm Ifien Anindra, OKU Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Aziz Saputra, commander of 0403 Infantry Lieutenant Colonel OKU Lukanul Hak, Kapendam II Sriwijaya Col. Arm Jauhari, Head of Public Relations South Sumatera Police AKBP R Djarod Padakova, and Military Police (POM) Military Command II / Sriwijaya as the perpetrators of the attack and burning tracer.

11 Maret 2013