WORKING MEETING: DPD RI-DPR RI Discuss the Islands Region Bill

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI discussed the Bill on Islands Region with the Indonesian Parliament. The bill initiated by the DPD urged to be immediately passed into Act. This was presented at a Joint Working Meeting at the House of Representatives Special Committee's Meeting Room. Nusantara II building, Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta. Monday (8/10).

Chairman of Committee I Benny Rhamdani explained the main contents of the Bill on Islands Region initiative proposal of DPD RI to the DPR's Special Committee and government representatives related to the urgency of the bill to be ratified immediately. DPD RI considers that the government is still biased in carrying out land and island development.

"Indonesia has been recognized by the international community as an archipelago but internal rules or regulations do not yet exist. Urgent territorial policies are needed because in the archipelago there are very limited basic facilities, public / civil services, limited regional financial capacity, very expensive transportation costs and limited access, besides physical isolation, marginalization and economic dispariation, as well as lack of development of the people in the islands, "he explained.

Through the Bill on Islands Region, the DPD RI's initiative proposal consisting of 11 Chapters and 45 of this Article. The DPD RI wants the bill to guarantee the existence of legal certainty for the archipelago regional government. In addition, this bill is able to maintain the characteristics of the archipelago, be able to realize equitable development, and provide protection for the rights of people in the islands.

"The bill that has been compiled by DPD RI is expected to be able to be a trigger for development and answer all the problems in the archipelago that are still marginalized. We hope that the government's way of thinking should not only be centered in the center of Java / Jakarta, but Indonesiasentris, so that the state must be present and take care of Indonesia which is on the periphery as a unitary state, "said this North Sulawesi Senator.

Chairman of the Special Committee on the Islands Regional Bill, Edison Betaubun, stated that the current agenda of the Special Committee on Bill on Islands Region discussed the DPD RI's statement on the Bill on Islands Region, the Government's statement on the Bill on Islands Region, the Views of the DPR RI factions on the Bill on Islands Region and the Approval of Mechanisms Work and Schedule of Meetings on the Discussion of the Bill on Regions

"We appreciate the performance of DPD in submitting a proposal for a bill on the region which was raised by the DPD's initiative proposal. Broadly speaking, almost all factions in this committee agreed to discuss this bill to a higher level. And we ask the government to immediately consolidate to respond to the proposed bill that is very important and urgent, "Edison stressed out.

In line with this, representatives of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Faction Vanda Sarundajang said that based on objective and logical considerations. The bill needs to be ratified in accordance with the national legislation mechanism.

"The bill on the Islands Region needs to be urged and urgently ratified, even we consider this bill to be Lex Specialist or of a special nature," he said.

In addition, from the Democratic Faction Michael Wattimena also appreciated and responded positively to the DPD RI which initiated the Bill on the Islands Region to become a law immediately.

"The Democratic faction says that this bill answers the uneven economic, social development in the archipelago. And also this bill is the legal basis for the archipelagic regional government in recognizing the specificity and diversity of island regions. This bill must be placed as a more specific law and lex specialist and put the Law on Regional Government as a lex generalis, "he said.

Chairman of the Bill Drafting Committee DPD RI, John Pieris appreciated the faction's representatives who were present at the special committee meeting. Most of the factions agreed and supported that the Bill on the Islands Region was immediately followed up to a higher stage and immediately passed.

"I appreciate the positive welcome of the factions in the Special Committee on the initiative bill from DPD RI. And they will also discuss in a more advanced level. Through this bill, it is our hope that the islands will be more cared for, because if this is not regulated in the law, it will be difficult for the government to reduce the range of control and focus on building the archipelago, "concluded this Maluku Senator. (Mas)


08 Oktober 2018