The Interim Regent of Central Tapanuli Invited DPD RI to Lay the Cornerstone of Sitangkurak Irrigation Development

The Interim (Plt) Regent of Central Tapanuli (Tapteng) H Sukran J Tanjung SE MM invited the Chairman of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) Irman Gusman MBA and four members of DPD RI from North Sumatera Province (Darmayanti Lubis, Rijal Sirait, Dedi Iskandar Batubara, dan Parlindungan Purba), to attend the laying of the first stone of Sitangkurak irrigation development in Barus. Conveyed Sukran after Chairman of DPD RI inaugurated the DPD RI office of Sumatera in Medan, North Sumatera, on Saturday (7/11), together with Interim Governor of North Sumatera, Tengku Erry Nuradi.

"I want to invite the Chairman of DPD RI and DPD RI members from North Sumatera to be able to attend the laying of the first stone in the construction of Sitangkurak dams in Barus. Because the role of DPD in the dam development effort is very large. Our friend, DPD RI is enthusiastically helped this development. Hopefully, in this mid-November we could start laying the first stone," said Sukran.

The irrigation of Sitangkurak was hit by Aek Sirahar River flows in 2011, it led to the drought of rice fields in that area. Since then, the construction of irrigation was neglected. This rebuildment of irrigation helped the irrigation over 2,500 hectares in three districts, namely Barus, North Barus, and Andam Dewi, also controlled the flow of water and prevented the flooding. This construction will cost nearly RP89 billion of the multi-year funding.

DPD RI chairman, Irman Gusman welcomed this invitation. He said, DPD RI gave efforts so that the transfers funds from the central government to the region from year to year will continue to grow. The transfer of funds, among others, finance the construction of infrastructure such as irrigation of paddy fields.

"The construction should be done from the region to the center. If the region is progressive, Indonesia will thrive. Especially the development of infrastructure such as roads, dams, and so forth. It may be heavy at the beginning. But the good infrastructure will make a low economic cost, which in turn will make the regions more competitive and writhing in building," he said.

Chairman of Committee II DPD RI Parlindungan Purba also welcomed this invitation. According to him, the development effort in the region should always and continue to be supported. "Yes, we certainly support it," he said.

In addition to inaugurating the construction of dams, interim Regent also invited DPD RI to visit the potential of Tourism in Central Tapanuli as religious visit to the palace grave in Dakka, and the superior school SMA Negeri 1 Matauli, Pandan. On that occasion, the Chairman of DPD RI will monitor the preparation of the simultaneous election in Sibolga.





07 November 2015