Nono Sampono: The Bill on the Islands Region in Response to Problems in the Archipelago

Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono, emphasized that the Bill on the Islands Region must be ratified immediately. Nono considers the bill as a solution to various problems faced by people in the archipelago.

In the FGD with the theme "Accelerating the Development of the Islands Province in the Context of Improving People's Welfare" in Lemhanas (8/8), Nono Sampono said that the presence of the bill initiated by the DPD RI was able to solve various problems such as welfare, security, education, poverty, or unemployment which is mostly found in the islands. Current regulations or legislation are considered not able to provide solutions to the islands for these problems.

"If it is not in the form of a law, it will certainly be a problem. First, if there are only revisions (regulations) that exist, too many have to be revised. If the PP comes down, it won't be able to revise the law. Therefore, there must be a law that specifically regulates this, "he said.

This DPD RI member from Maluku Province explained that currently the Islands Region Bill has been discussed in the DPR RI, and even all the factions in the DPR RI have agreed to this bill. However, the government has not yet submitted the Problem Inventory List (DIM) as a material for further discussion in a tripartite manner, between the DPR RI, DPD RI, and the government regarding this bill. Even though this bill was passed, the people in the regions would feel the presence of the state who participated in solving various problems in the archipelago.

"We have heard from Bappenas that they have already made a DIM, there may be a number of ministries that have not, so that the DIM will be accelerated immediately. Because we, both the DPD and DPR, want this to be completed at least in this period. And I think this is the spirit of how the state comes to solve problems in the regions, especially the welfare of the people in the islands, "said Nono.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the House of Representatives of Commission II, Zainudin Amali, said that although up to now there have been nine laws governdaer regional governments, various demands for welfare disparity in the regions are still numerous. That is because the current law is inadequate and its implementation is not yet in place. He considered the Islands Regional Bill as an answer to the demands arising from the region.

"We are already at this stage, we must not retreat. Because I have faith that regional autonomy is the glue of the Republic of Indonesia. Commitment regarding the completion of this law, all factions agreed. If the government can immediately add DIM, we will speed up, "he explained

Similarly, Vice Chairman of Committee I DPD RI, Fahira Idris, considered that the current regulations have not provided adequate development capital in the archipelago. Management of the resources contained in the archipelago is also still centralized, even though the resources in the archipelago have a very large value.

"De facto Law 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government has not fulfilled the principle of legal certainty for the management of sea areas. We already have the Village Law, but the regions have not yet felt it. We see with our own heads the matter of disparity. In my opinion, this bill needs to be passed for the benefit of people in the archipelago so that they can feel the acceleration of development like us, "said the DPD RI member from DKI Jakarta Province. *** ars


08 Agustus 2019