Committee I Receives Representative of K2 Honorarium of Aceh Province

JAKARTA - Committee I DPD RI receives an audience from K2 Honorarium Community Forum Aceh Province. Representatives of K2 honorarium are directly accepted by Chairman of Committee I, Akhmad Muqowan and Vice Chairman of Committee I, Fachrul Razi.

It is true that the issue of Category 2 Honorarium (THK2) still leaves problems in the regions. Even in the working meeting of Committee I DPD with the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (Menpan RB) on last October 20, 2016 until now it has no formulation in solving the problem.

"So the issue of honorary not only in Aceh alone. Though already passed the selection until now it has not had NIP and SK PNS," says Muqowam in DPD Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/6).

He adds that such problems are not just in education. It occurs in the world of health that experiencing the same thing. "In the world of health is also the same. It is such a pity," explains this senator of Central Java.

In line with Muqowam, Vice Chairman of Committee I Fachrul Razi adds that this incident is not only in Aceh alone, other areas also experience it. "I've also had findings. When passed the selection on SK the name is different. This a phenomenon that exists," he asserts.

For that reason, this Aceh senator promises to follow up the K2 Honorarium issues with the relevant ministries. "Because the problem is quite a lot in these areas, therefore we will collect it from some areas," he says.

On the same occasion, representative of Honorarium Community Forum K2 Aceh Province, Yusuf Rizal says THK2 is an educator who has been doing the selection of government employee candidate / CPNS in the formation of 2013. And has been declared passed. "But until now there has been no clarity to set their NIP and SK PNS," he says.

For that, Yusuf hopes Committee I DPD can pay attention to the fate of the THK2 which has been declared escaped by Panselnas. "Considering the educational work we have done is in the range of 12-15 years," he hopes. (Fan)

08 Juni 2017