DPD RI Monitoring Team Admire the Speed of P3JH and TGC in Mecca

Mecca, dpd.go.id – Vice Chairwoman of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia, Darmayanti Lubis along with the 2019 pilgrimage observer delegation from Committee III DPD RI admired the performance of the First Aid Unit on the Hajj Congregation (P3JH) and the Rapid Motion Team (TGC) unit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which moved quickly to help one of the delegation's members who had an accident. The head of the Hajj observer delegation Committee III DPD RI, Prof. Dr. Darmayanti Lubis, said that she saw the P3JH and TGC personnel arriving in room 1630 of the Pullman Zamzam Hotel, Mecca, not less than half an hour after hearing the news that Emilia Contessa, one of the monitoring team members, had an accident in the room, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Monday (5/8/19).

"I am on behalf of the Hajj monitoring delegation from the Committee III DPD RI very grateful and express our salute to the P3JH and TGC team who moved quickly to help our delegation members who had an accident in a hotel room," explained Darmayanti.

According to this Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI, the proud achievement of one of the elements of the 2019 Indonesian Hajj Committee (PPHI) should be maintained, especially when hundreds of thousands of Indonesian pilgrims in the next few days will hold wukuf in Arafat. At that time, said the DPD RI member from the constituency of North Sumatera, pilgrims from Indonesia would face heavy terrain gathering with more than three million international pilgrims at Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Mina. "They definitely need quick help from the P3JH and TGC teams when they have difficulties or accidents that we don't want."

The news that Emilia Contessa, a DPD RI member from the constituency of East Java, had an accident in the bathroom in the hotel where she was staying started with information from Susi Mulyani, staff of the Secretariat General of DPD RI who accompanied the DPD RI delegation of observers. She contacted Helmi Hidayat, the 2019 pilgrimage consultant, reporting on the unfortunate event. This emergency news was then circulated to several groups of Whatsapp pilgrims in 2019 so that the first aid to the council members was immediately given by the nearest officer from the scene. Within half an hour, the P3JH and TGC teams arrived at the scene ahead of three Saudi doctors who also came to the scene.

According to Emilia, the team of doctors and nurses who care for her perform their duties professionally, quickly and accurately. The doctors from Indonesia even arrived at the room where he was staying earlier than the three Saudi doctors who also came to the scene. 'I really salute the medical team and nurses from Indonesia. They not only move fast, but also smart. They knew exactly which drug I should take immediately, '' explained Emilia about the work of the P3JH and TGC which consisted of dr. Arum WS, dr. Kahrir Pabe Patangai, and Harikoh as the nurse.

Emilia said she slipped in the bathroom when she was going to perform ablution before the midday prayer at the Haram Mosque. Thanks to the care of the Indonesian medical team and the Saudi Arabian medical team, the worst results of the accident did not occur. "Hopefully tomorrow, Emilia will be able to join us to monitor the implementation of the 2019 pilgrimage," Darmayanti explained.

Besides Darmayanti, also participating in this delegation group were Dr. Abdul Aziz Khafia (DKI Jakarta), Leonardy Harmany (West Sumatera), Intsiawati Ayus (Riau), Hendri Zainuddin (South Sumatra), Herry Erfian (Bangka Belitung), Emilia Contessa (East Java), Habib Abdurrahman Bahasyim (South Kalimantan), Abdul Jabbar Toba (Southeast Sulawesi), and Chaidir Djafar (West Papua). *


05 Agustus 2019