DPD RI Committee I Holds a Plenum to Finalize the Regional Competitiveness Bill

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI held a plenum to finalize the Regional Competitiveness Bill, in Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (19/8/2019).

In the plenum, Benny Rhamdani, Chairpmann of Committee I DPD RI, explained, in this 2018-2019 session year, Committee I DPD RI had agreed to draft a Bill on Regional Competitiveness.

"The compilation of the Bill on Regional Competitiveness is motivated by global competition which requires regions to determine the right strategy to improve the welfare of their people. Regions are expected to find and recognize the potential that will be developed and have an impact on improving the welfare of the community, "Benny said in a written statement.

According to Benny, the low Regional Competitiveness causes high poverty, income inequality, not optimal public services, less competitive human resources, and accelerated economic growth. "If this condition continues, it will certainly have an impact on national competitiveness that will interfere with Indonesia's ability to compete in the world arena," he said.

He explained, the role of regions to improve competitiveness is highly dependent on the ability of regions to identify the forming factors and determinants of regional competitiveness. With careful regional capacity in identifying the forming factors and determinants of competitiveness, the regions can develop strategies to determine what policies must be taken so that their competitiveness can continue to increase, so as to be able to sustain Indonesia's competitiveness and position in the regional and global arena. In addition, the role of regional government and the budget of the central government are needed as support.

He further said, Committee I had assigned experts to become the Expert Team for Drafting the Draft Bill consisting of Prof. Eddy Suratman, Mr. Endi Jaweng, Mr. Nur Kholis, SE., ME and Mr. Dr. Fendi Setyawan to compile and perfect the draft academic text and the draft Bill on Regional Competitiveness which has been working intensively starting in March 2019.

"In the process of drafting, this bill has experienced the dynamics of change, developement and improvement of substantive material based on suggestions, opinions and input obtained by Committee I," said Benny.

He added, the scope of the Regional Competitiveness Bill includes: Strengthening Regulations, Developing Regional Innovations, Improving Human Resources Quality, Management of Natural Resources and the Environment, Utilization of Social Capital, Funding, Provision of Infrastructure, Utilization of Technology, and Strengthening Institutions.

"Committee I DPD RI deems it necessary to conduct a final discussion (finalization) and endorsement of the draft bill on the occasion of today, before later harmonization with PPUU on August 28, 2019 with the agenda of the joint meeting of Committee I Members and PPUU Members with the DSD Bill harmonization agenda and the Wilneg Bill, "said Benny.

The plan is that the DSD Bill will be passed together with the Wilneg Bill at the plenary session on 30th September 2019.

"The substance contained in the Bill on Regional Competitiveness and strategic issues in detail will be explained by the Expert Team of Committee I DPD RI in our discussion tonight. Of course we hope, ladies and gentlemen, can carefully examine this draft bill so that it truly reflects our shared aspirations and needs, especially related to Regional Competitiveness, "concluded Benny.

19 Agustus 2019