Education as the Main Capital in Building the Nation

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Dr. Nono Sampono, S.Pi., M.Sc., explained that currently Indonesia should not only depend on natural resources (SDA) in development to realize the nation's prosperity. At present Indonesia needs more competitive human resources (HR) in the competition to realize a developed and large Indonesian society.

In the Archipelago Scholarship Festival held at the Parliament Complex since Saturday, Nono Sampono said that education is the main capital for Indonesia in facing the demographic bonus of 2020-2030. In the next 3-13 years we will have a lot of human resources (HR) who are at the peak of productive age. Therefore, DPD RI together with the government will strive to create a generation that has high education as a competitive HR.

"With the future demographic bonus that we get, if it is filled with qualified people, of course those who benefit are the state and nation," he said at Nusantara IV Building on Sunday (11/25).

This Senator from Maluku Province explained that currently the proportion of HR with higher education qualifications in Indonesia is only 7.2 percent of the workforce. This shows that Indonesia is still lagging behind other countries, one of which is Malaysia, which reaches more than 20 percent. Nono sees that in many regions there are still many people who do not have enough education to face global competition. Therefore, the DPD RI as a regional representative always struggles to prepare quality human resources in all regions. One of them is through the Archipelago Scholarship Festival program which is collaborated with the Indonesian Lecturers Association and the Indonesian Chancellor Forum.

"As we know education is one of the most important. Because education will answer. With the birth of superior quality human resources who are able to face global challenges, the country, especially the regions will be more advanced, "he added.

Nono Sampono added, in creating competitive human resources it also requires a superior education system in Indonesia. If not, then the education sector will always face problems. In addition to not creating qualified human resources, it will also create the lagging, backward, and poor regions. Therefore, he invited all components to participate in building the world of education in Indonesia. Not only the government, but also all institutions and companies must have concern for education for a more advanced Indonesia.

"We must build mutual awareness of all components, so that our world of education will become more qualified to reach global competition. There are international standards that we must have. Not only knowledge, but supporting facilities must also exist, "said Nono.

Meanwhile, in his remarks the Chairperson of the Indonesian Lecturers Association (ADI), Dino Patti Djalal, explained that the fate of a country is in its society. To be able to progress, a country must have competitive HR. According to him competitive human resources are those who have knowledge, networks, character, and opportunities. He also requested that Indonesia's young generation be innovative. Because that is the key to Indonesia's future.

"China is the country with the largest economy in the world because they have innovation, just as Japan and Korea that can progress. How can we print young people who become innovations and kings of innovation in their own countries. In the future there will be a trade war, an economic war, but the most important is the war of talent. "The war is fighting for quality talent," said Dino.

In the event, there was also a distribution of scholarships. The scholarships were given to Umar Warpete from STAIN Alfatah Jayapura, and Desi Safriana from UIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh.

25 November 2018