Increasing Competitiveness, Chancellors and Foreign Teachers Become Rational Choices

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - In his Indonesian Vision speech, Jokowi emphasized that the world is changing, challenges in the future will be more severe. Therefore, increasing human resources becomes the foundation and priority of Nawacita II, the Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin administration for the next 5 years.

Along with this, the main key that must be done by the government is to make fundamental improvements to universities in Indonesia. These college graduates will be the hope to bring Indonesia forward and be able to compete, both in the context of the region and the global environment.

The idea to bring in higher education leaders and foreign instructors by the Ministry of Research and Technology has recently received mixed responses, pros and cons from the public. I personally agree with this progressive idea, and the visionary President Jokowi can certainly also guarantee this idea to accelerate the competitiveness of universities in Indonesia to be able to compete in the global arena.

The recruitment of foreign chancellors and foreign teaching staff is actually done in many European countries, even in our neighboring country, Singapore. Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, for example, was only established in 1981, but is now in the top 50 in the world.

Singapore with the advancement of medical facilities in reliable hospitals and support of international standard medical personnel, should be an example. Also how Singapore develops its medical education, one of which is by allowing foreign chancellors and lecturers to lead and teach higher education in Singapore.

Dubai's experience with a leap of progress as it is now can not be separated from the intervention of higher education. "In the 60s to travel between cities around Dubai was still walking, even though Indonesia was familiar with the mode of car transportation, even Mercedes Benz was one of the famous brands in Indonesia at that time," said Benny Rhamdani. "But look at Dubai's progress now, the universities are also a model, and all of that, one of them is because of higher quality and productive universities" he added.

In the QS World University Ranking (QS-WUR) scale, which has been used as a reference for Kemenristekdikti, out of the 4700 Universities we have, it is hoped that it will be able to compete in the top 20 Universitie worldwide, as achieved by NUS and NTU in Singapore. Or at least 100 of the world as achieved by Universiti Malaya (UM) from our neighboring country. In fact, until now, from thousands of our universities, no one has been able to be at that level. So far, there are only 3 universities that have registered themselves at the international level in the QS-WUR version, and even then it is still in the top 500, each achieved by UI (ranked 296), UGM (320) and ITB (331).

By doing so, it would be natural for the Minister of Research and Technology and the President to launch the idea. The idea will not fade away from our nationalism. But it is also a proof of our love to prepare the nation's future cadres to face the rapidly changing world.

University graduates must possess the necessary competencies and skills in accordance with the needs of the labor market, and must also be equipped with global insights to see emerging trends. So that university graduates are not only reliable suppliers of labor but are also able to think creatively creating jobs by creating technology-based businesses and being able to compete at the international level.

However, the foreign rector's procurement policy must be preceded by a thorough study, preparation of infrastructure and policy institutions as well as adequate incentive support. This policy must also be carried out gradually by piloting several universities which are relatively prepared.

In the end, all government policies will be meaningless without public support. Therefore the government needs to strengthen the regulatory institutions by asking for input from various stakeholders, both academics, parliaments (DPR and DPD) and student organs.

04 Agustus 2019
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