DPD RI Values Youth Issues as Joint ‘HOMEWORK'

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Indonesian youth movements have a long history of nation and state. Because Indonesian youth are initiators and perpetrators of national struggle to achieve independence. However, at present, youth problems in Indonesia cannot be underestimated and should become joint 'homework'.

"Youngsters become the heirs and successors of the nation's struggle. But youth problems cannot be underestimated, which involves globalization, the threat of drugs, and the role of youth organizations, "said Chairman of Committee III DPD RI, Dedi Iskandar Batubara in DPD RI Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/16).

Dedi added that youth had a strategic role in the nation and state development. For this reason, the state must guarantee and regenerate youth. "The state must also be obliged to empower and develop youth," he said.

According to him, these efforts have been carried out in the Act (UU). The Indonesian Parliament together with the government has issued Act No. 40 Year 2009 concerning Youth. "But we do not know that the Youth Law, it is necessary to change the law or change the article," said this senator of North Sumatera.

Dedi added that the Youth Act is now a very important legal umbrella. If we examine the dynamics of Indonesia's youth nationally, it is very dynamic. "The more dynamic the factions appear. So I think that in the future it needs to be a joint homework, "he said.

Meanwhile, KNPI Secretary General Ilyas Indra said that for 10 years the Act No. 40 Year 2009 actually has shackled the government and youth. Whereas, this law is certainly related to youth organizations, namely age. "This is a study that can make DPD RI's input to be forwarded to the government," he said.

According to Ilyas, this act does not have the determination between age and organizational management. The government links youth age and organizational structure. "In the Act on Youth, article 1 paragraph (1) clearly states that the management and or leadership of youth must be 16-30 years old according to the definition of youth. This is not relevant. Because the leaders or leaders of youth organizations, it is precisely at the top of their organizational career at the age of 40 years, "said Ilyas.


16 Oktober 2018