President Should Open Space for Aspiration from Various Parties

Jakarta, (15/4) - President Joko Widodo should maximize the variety of ways to absorb the aspirations of the people, apart from party supporters and base their political orientation. The President may also use the official institutions of state institutions, the structure of the cabinet, as well as other elements of society. Hopefully, they can enrich the diverse aspirations and become the best reference materials useful in formulating policies for all Indonesian people.
Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) Farouk Muhammad urged the President to maximize power and its potential to build a more intensive communication with all parties, "the President in principle in the constitution is the highest authority in determining the running of the government, thus in fact he is not only fulfill campaign promises and the flagship program of the base of support. But also, the President should be participatory and aspirational open in public space intensively to implement policies that are useful for the people. "
President Joko Widodo based on the description of the Cabinet Secretary Andi Widjajanto at the State Palace on Monday, (13/04/15) ensured the government would run development programs in accordance with Nawa Cita started in 2016. The President stressed out that the ministers program really showed significant changes, such as by prioritize the maritime sector, infrastructure, energy, food, and tourism in the Government Work Plan 2016.
"The policy of the President to realize the aspiration of Nawa Cita program would need to be supported by all parties, all provide benefits to the community and is able to alleviate the problems that still exist to this day," said Farouk.
Professor of the College of Police (PTIK) argued that it is realized in a democratic system, the political parties (parpol) is one of the important elements that can not be ignored, however, political parties of course does not mean as the only source of inspiration for the idea in the running wheel government. Because the government is actually built on consensus and participation of various stakeholders, therefore the required space is enough to get constructive feedback and productive in implementing government policies.
"Nowadays strengthening democratic institutions become one of the important pillars, associated to the deparpolarization phenomena should be used as a reflective attitude and correction for political parties to improve themselves to fit the role and functions of the ideal. On the other hand, the roles of institutional of non-parties can be optimized in accordance with the authority, in support of the goals and programs of the government. "He said.
Farouk gave an example, in the form of representative institutions in Indonesia adheres bicameralism where the House of Representatives (DPR) is the representative from political parties and DPD is a local non-political representatives. With the structure of the bicameral, it is expected that the legislative process can be hosted with double check system that allows the representation of all people which can relatively be channeled to broader social base. DPR is the political representation, whereas DPD reflect the principle of territorial or regional representation.
"Naturally polarization will always occur in any context, but all should be interpreted as a mechanism to remind each other and keep each other in the framework of realization of the purpose of the State," he concluded.


15 April 2015