Committee I DPD RI Submits the Supervision Results of Village Bill and Agrarian Reform Bill

Jakarta, dpd.go.id – In the Plenary Session, Committee I DPD RI submitted the results of supervision over the implementation of Village Act and supervision over the implementation of the Agrarian Reform program related to land redistribution and asset legalization.

The result of the supervision was approved by the Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta and Vice Chairman, Nono Sampono in the 7th Plenary Session of Session II Year 2017-2018. Nusantara V Building Senayan Jakarta. Wednesday (20/17).

Chairman of Committee I DPD RI Ahmad Muqowam explained in his report that there are some notes in the supervision of the Village Act which are about regulations, institutional issues, supervision building, formulation of village funds and village finance governance.

"The Committee I urges the government to simplify regulations in the implementation of the Village Act, and as equally important is the formulation of Village Funds and how to simplify accountability reports of village funds by utilizing information technology," explained this Central Java Senator.

Furthermore, related to Agrarian Reform, Committee I noted there are obstacles in the implementation of agrarian reform, among others, the measurement between the plan and its implementation. Committee I saw the absence of synergy between the Ministry of Agriculture and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Forestry in realizing the agrarian reform.

"To synergize the efforts of agrarian reform, the Committee I will hold a Working Meeting with the relevant ministries scheduled in 2018," explained Muqowam. (mas)

22 Desember 2017