Strategic Partnership, DPD RI Receives Consultation from the DPRD of Tanah Datar

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI is committed to partnering with all stakeholders in the region as part of the representation task of DPD RI, one of which is in building the region through strengthening the partnership of the DPD RI with the regions. This was stated by the Secretary General of the DPD RI Reydonnyzar Moenek when receiving a delegation visit from the DPRD of Tanah Datar, West Sumatera, in the DPD RI Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan Jakarta, Friday, July 5, 2019.

The Secretary General of DPD RI Reydonnyzar "Donny" Moenek, gave wide appreciation and opened the door to all stakeholders in the region to partner strategically and cooperate with the DPD RI. He stated that the current DPD RI in accordance with the Act on the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD (MD3) would receive additional authority in monitoring and evaluating the Draft Regional Regulation (RAPERDA) and Regional Regulation (PERDA) which would continue to carry out intense communication with Regional government.

"We are always open and appreciate every visit from stakeholders in the region. At this time we received a visit from the DPRD ofTanah Datar Regency, as we know the Tanah Datar District Government, West Sumatera, ranked first in the National Regional Development Award (PPD) in the regency level planning and achievement category. This is a good achievement that needs to be followed by other regions, I say this achievement can be realized if there is effective communication between the Regional Head and the DPRD, and harmonious relations between the center and the regions especially the current task of the DPD RI for monitoring and evaluating Regional Regulations and The draft regulation must always be intensely partnered with the regions, "said Donny.

This man who is familiarly called Donny and once served as Temporary Governor of West Sumatera explained that the DPD RI has a legislative function that has the right to submit a Bill in accordance with the authority of the DPD RI to be open in accommodating all aspirations from the region.

"The additional authority of the DPD in monitoring and evaluating the Draft Regional Regulation and Regional Regulation in accordance with MD3 Law requires strategic partners with all stakeholders in the region. This also determines the steps of the Secretary General in supporting the DPD Members and Leaders in carrying out their duties and functions. We appreciates steps taken by the Tanah Datar DPRD in a series of consultations to the DPD RI, this is part of the concern to build the region and the spirit of togetherness related to the dynamics of regional administration, we are proud and honored to be people's homes, the moment to exchange ideas like this further strengthens the DPD's commitment to build the region, " he continued.

"We from the Tanah Datar Regency DPRD appreciate the extraordinary welcome from the DPD Secretariat General, we intend to seek knowledge and know more about the legislation and about the DPD RI as regional representation, besides that we want to know the DPD's mechanisms and programs, I think we get extraordinary knowledge and explanations from the Secretary General, we will bring and deliver this to the regions that the tasks of the Senators are very important in supporting the region, I think partnership and communication like this must continue, maybe in the future not only welcoming us but also representing the Wali Nagari and others, too, "concluded Yondra.



05 Juli 2019