Chairman of DPD RI: Young Generation Must Build Their Regions

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta left a message for the sons and daughters of Indonesian culture to always develop their respective regions. Because the Indonesian nation will not prosper, if the region is not prosperous.

"To the young generation of the Nation, especially the sons and daughters of Indonesian Culture, to always develop and prosper their respective regions. Because if the region prospered, Indonesia will also be prospered. We should always remember with our hometown, "said Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta when receiving a visit from the sons and daughters of Indonesian Culture in Nusantara V Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/8).

Oesman Sapta said that President Joko Widodo had built infrastructure outside of Java. It aims to build an economy outside Java, so that the economy can reach the village level.

"That is the great thing of our President. He did not prioritize the island of Java, but rather regions outside Java whose economic level was still low. For this reason, future generations must be able to develop Indonesia, especially from their hometown. That's not impossible, "said the Senator from West Kalimantan.

Oesman Sapta also said that the current generation of young people should not be banned but believed except for negative things, such as Narcotics. As long as the activity is still on the right or positive path, the family must support it. "So they should not be restricteed. Except for Drugs, "he said.

Meanwhile, members of DPD RI Bangka Belitung Province Bahar Buasan welcomed the presence of the sons and daughters of Indonesian culture as the golden generation. According to him, the Indonesian Nation is already rich in Natural Resources (SDA), but that is not enough without being supported by its Human Resources (HR). "Surely the nation's young generation must become a reliable HR," he explained.
Bahar Buasan assessed that to create reliable human resources, it must start from the family. Because, the family is the beginning of the formation of the nation's children. "Families can create reliable human resources to become Indonesia Gold," he explained.

DPD RI member of Riau, Rosti Uli Purba added the nation's young generation must excel. Because, one day the sons and daughters of the nation will become the president, parliamentarians, and governors. "So young people now have to excel because they will replace us, the president, governor, and others," she said.





21 Agustus 2019