Victims of alleged investment fraud confide in to Senator Arya Wedakarna

Denpasar, dpd.go.id - Bali Senator Arya Wedakarna received a hearing at a forum for allegedly investing PT. Solid Gold Berjangka (SGB) Denpasar branch at the DPD RI Office Representative of Bali, Denpasar on Monday (12/08/2019).

"I appreciate the positive steps of the Bali Semeton from the forum of alleged victims of fraud who have dared to demand justice for the legal process that has taken place and are concerned about the problems that have befallen them. I hope that the Semeton continues to focus on the legal process and together strive to find the best solution to this problem, "said the Senator.

In the hearing Senator Arya Wedakarna also provided input from a legal point of view and studied and tried to help coordinate with agencies and stakeholders related to this issue to be scheduled for the next meeting.

In the hearing, a spokesperson for the victim forum revealed that investors were promised to take their investments at any time, safely, and if the company went bankrupt then the money that had been invested would return 100 percent.

"In fact, the minimum amount of money invested is at least 100 million per person and we cannot even take billions back, we demand our money back and hope that the Denpasar city government can close the Company's operating license," he added. (ast)



12 Agustus 2019