FJPI Holds North Sumatera Women's Seminar Towards Senayan

Medan, dpd.go.id - Indonesian Women's Journalists Forum (FJPI) held a seminar titled 'North Sumatera Women towards Senayan', Friday (11/2). This activity aims to find the root of the problem so that more women can penetrate in the legislature.

The event presented speakers, Prof. Darmayanti Lubis (Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI), member of DPR RI, Meutya Hafidz, legislative candidate for DPR RI, Sutiasa Handayani and Chairman of FJPI, Ramdeswati Pohan.

Prof. Darmayanti Lubis said that so far there are still many government policies that have not been fully implemented, are fair and serious. Even women's problems continue.

Therefore, she also appreciated the discussion held by FJPI by presenting two candidates and also invited various organizations as an effort to provide political education and learning for the community.

"So what we are looking for is the root of the problem, how to make policies that are not sensitive to women and easingly hoping that there are friends who sit in Senayan. So we hope more women will go to Senayan," said Darmayanti, who is also the candidate for DPD RI.

In addition, she continued that through this public discussion, it was hoped that women's organizations could educate the public about the importance of women's representation in the legislature. By looking at the potential candidates to be elected.

This is important, she continued, because women's problems are quite complex and many. Therefore skills of women in Senayan can be fought through regulation.

Meanwhile Meutya Hafidz, who is also a candidate from the Golkar Party, said that the representation of women in parliament in 2014 had decreased compared to the previous period.

This decline also occurred in the provincial legislature from 16.4% to 15.8%. Likewise with the representation of women also from 28.8% to 25.8%.

The participation of female voters in simultaneous regional elections in 2015 was 4% higher than male voters. This shows the high participation of women in contributing to changes.

Meutya also mentioned a number of women's problems while in politics, in addition to economic conditions, lack of confidence and prevailing traditional values in some communities to be a barrier.

Whereas the role of women is very important in politics to see all problems through a balanced gender perspective where everyone is seen and heard, including in the formulation of regulations.

While other speakers, Sutiasa Handayani, called it for this period of legislative elections, quite difficult. However, the community needs to be educated in giving their voting rights the right choice.

"We have a social obligation to educate the public. Because the use of voting rights will determine the future of women in the next five years," said the candidate from the Prosperous Justice Party.


02 November 2018