Padang, dpd.go.id - Patient protection has always been an interesting issue to discuss in health care delivery relationships between patients and medical personnel. Although both positions in various theories are considered balanced but the practice is difficult to perceive the patient is well-balanced with medical personnel. This is because the patient does not have medical knowledge so the patient tends to be resigned to the medical personnel. The discussion was raised in a validation seminar on the Bill on Patient Protection held by Committee III DPD RI in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of Andalas University of Padang on Monday 02/0718.

Validation test seminar was opened by Dr. Kurniawarman, SH., Mhum, Pudek I FHUnand. Also attending the seminar were members of Committee III DPD namely Fahira Idris (Chairwoman of Committee III DPD RI), Nofi Chandra (West Sumatera), Mohammad Nabil (Riau Island), Abu Bakar Jamalia (Jambi), Syarif (Lampung), Ahmad Sadeli Karim (Banten), GKR Ayu Koes Indriyah (Central Java), Mumamad Afnan Hadikusumo (DI Yogyakarta), Suriaty Armaiyn (North Maluku), Novita Anakotta (Maluku), Charles Simaremare (Papua). While the speakers come from the Health Service of West Sumatera, medical practitioners and legal practitioners.

Fahira Idris, Chairwoman of Committee III DPD RI in her speech said there are at least 5 issues that are expected to be obtained from the public in Padang against the Patient Protection Bill drafted by Committee III DPD RI namely the principles of protection and its scope; Object and system or mechanism of patient protection; Rights and obligations of the parties bound in health services; Supervision of the implementation of patient protection; Dispute settlement of patient protection, and Sanctions against breach of patient protection.

dr. Mery Yuliesday, MARS, Head of West Sumatera Provincial Health Office highlights the issue of compensation that is the right of the patient. Mery said that the facilities, infrastructure and human resources of each hospital are in fact very diverse according to the type of hospital. Most hospitals in the region are very limited in their facilities and infrastructure, so they often impact the inadequate delivery of health services. It is conceivable, there are many regional hospitals that will be closed due to face the demands of compensation from patients as a result of the lack of such sarpras

Charles Simabura, SH., Mhum, Wadek FH Unand, other sources in the seminar questioned the urgency of establishing the Patient Protection Agency (BPP) in the bill. In the midst of state policies that want to minimize the formation of state bodies, then the establishment seems to be counterproductive because it can be a burden of the state budget for the agency's operations. Charles also highlighted the complexity of BPP personnel selection that should involve the DPD and DPR, ahough reporting on duties and functions only to the President.

  • 02 Juli 2018