Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairwoman of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) RI, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hj. Darmayanti Lubis, asks all senators of DPD RI to be more serious in paying attention to the dynamics and social turmoil that increase sharply ahead of political year 2019. '' We are all representatives of the people who are elected by their respective regions. Therefore, we must have more attention to the security and stability of each region ahead of this heated political year, '' explained Darmayanti in the Plenary Session of DPD RI on Session Period IV at Nusantara V Building Parliament Complex in Senayan Jakarta, Tuesday (24/4) . Darmayanti Lubis said that the implementation of Regional Election in 17 provinces, 39 cities and 115 regions in Indonesia is an event of extraordinarily vulnerable democracy party from social instability. This big and expensive event, he said, would require the synergy of all the existing stakeholders for the election of regional leaders with high personal integrity. '' For that, the government should be able to improve the quality of their preparation in this party of democracy, "said Darmayanti. One emerging issue is the validity of voter data, which is considered to be a key determinant of regional election success in each region. To that end, Darmayanti emphasized to the government that the validity of the voter data should not be underestimated, even if it needs to be improved for the realization of regional stability during the regional election take place. "The government should avoid overlapping on the election data because this overlap is a form of cheating in the regional election implementation, '' said Darmayanti firmly. In addition, in the plenary session, another thing that became the focus of DPD RI is the neutrality of Civil State Apparatus (ASN). ASN must be able to maintain integrity and neutrality in all series of regional election agenda also to avoid the suspicion of society. Unaccountable elections will in turn lead to political and social unrest. DPD RI understands that it is impossible to implement all heavy duty to the government. For that reason, as the Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI, Darmayanti asked all members of DPD RI to return to the region in the framework of recess to establish a deep synergy with the local government in securing the elections and to lower the political temperature that heated up the political year this time. "The successful implementation of this election can be a barometer of the readiness of the central government to face the 2019 election," said Darmayanti.

24 April 2018