Oesman Sapta Supports Indonesia to Have Nuclear Power Plants

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta supports the construction of a Nuclear Power Plant (PLTN) in Indonesia. This nuclear power plant is the country's effort to face the electricity crisis for national entrepreneurs and the upcoming Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM).

"Indeed, the construction of nuclear power plants in Indonesia is a hidden inspiration, but when talking about nuclear there are always many obstacles. Even though the risk is very small, this is not a matter of a plan but a will, "said Oesman Sapta when receiving a group from the Work Team for the Preparation of the Ministry of Research and Technology Development Prototype in Nusantara III in the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/13).

According to him, so far Indonesia can only export raw materials to other countries. This is why Indonesia cannot compete with other countries such as India and China in the field of NPP. "They can intervene in material distribution countries so the price can be cheaper. But we have the material itself, which must have been realized, "said this senator of West Kalimantan.
Oesman Sapta said that nuclear technology can also be a legacy for the nation's children and grandchildren in the future so that it can have added value in terms of economy to skill. "So we should make it simple, we must think according to the progress of our time. We must be updated, "he said.
Furthermore, Oesman Sapta supports the construction of a nuclear power plant, one of which is in Benkayang, West Kalimantan. For this reason, he will convey the importance of the NPP at the State Speech on August 16, 2019. "NPP can be considered in the future of this nation. So in the State of the Speech I will convey this later, "he explained.
He is also optimistic that the presence of nuclear power plants can change the feel of the world. Why is that? Because it can increase the profit margin of the Indonesian people going forward. "It is time for us to appreciate how we can reduce the burden on the people. Then the existence of the nuclear industry can increase our profit margins, "said Oesman Sapta.
Meanwhile, Expert Staff of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) in the Field of Relevance and Productivity, Agus Puji Prasetyono stated why West Kalimantan is suitable to be built a nuclear power plant, because besides being rich in uranium. West Kalimantan is also rare in earthquakes. "The main requirement for the construction of a nuclear power plant is safety. Nuclear nuclear power plants are far safer than other power plants, so it can be said that nuclear is safe, "he stressed.
Agus added that in the construction of nuclear power plants, the first must be free from earthquakes. The second is close to the sea, and the third is far from the population area. "Because of West Kalimantan itself, it is very unlikely that an earthquake will occur. Of course the development of nuclear power plants is very possible, "he said.

On the same occasion, National Energy Council Member Syamsir Abduh added that there is no other big country without using their nuclear power plant wisely. Because that is the process of industrialization to improve the welfare of the people. "So we have to learn from developed countries like China," he said.

Broadly speaking, he continued, the commitment of the Indonesian government with China was the same in building nuclear in 1965. But Indonesia only spent time for discussion, but there was no courage to build a nuclear power plant. "Whereas it is clear that the nuclear power plant has a wide impact on industrialization in a country," said Syamsir.

On that occasion, DPD RI Secretary General Reydonnyzar Moenek added that the essence of DPD RI Secretariat General was ready to provide support both in administrative and technical aspects. "But according to the mandate of the Chairman of the DPD RI, that we are ready to give significant attention to the continuity of this nuclear power plant development program," he said.

According to Reydonnyzar, electricity consumption for the community is needed but has limitations. "So we appreciate the existence of this nuclear power plant, especially in Benkayang. "Of course, the sooner the better it will be implemented for the construction of a nuclear power plant," he hoped. 





13 Agustus 2019