Drs. H.Sudharto, M.A.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 1007669

Dharto, the familiar name for this DPD’s senator who represents Central Java Province, was ranked third with the acquisition of 1,007,669 (6.42%) votes. This man, born in Semarang, on November 2, states that the DPD as a new institution which derives from its birth in 1945 that amended the Constitution in 2001 (third amendment) is an institution that does not have a clear status and role, both in the bicameral system theory and in the parliamentary system practices in the country that has a more mature democracy. Empirical experience shows that this institution, if it is understood and implemented according to the principles of true democracy, will be able to provide assurance to the presence of checks and balances between the interests of the people and the interests of the region which in turn will strengthen the integrity of a fair and equitable welfare state. But the 1945 amendment of Law marginalized the status and role of the DPD. Therefore, gradually for the next five years, the status and role of the DPD needs to be strengthened to become the component of the balance between the two political power leaders, so that there will be no domination in executive or legislative.

22 April 2011