K.H. A. Mujib Imron, S.H.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 1434375

He became a senator of the DPD that represents the East Java Province as the second rank with the acquisition of 1,434,375 (8.18%) votes. Mujib Imron said the DPD is a state institution that is expected to accommodate the aspirations and interests of local communities, precisely the DPD is expected to bridge the interests of local communities in political decision-making process at national level. However, if it is critically examined, in the provisions of the constitution it is fair to say that the DPD is still the accessory / DPR appendage. He argues that there is much evidence to suggest that the DPD is deliberately set up as the marginal status, the number of DPD senators is no more than a third of the members of the DPR (Article 22C Paragraph 2 of the 1945 Constitution). Consequently, it is almost certain, in the process of decision-making in the forum of the MPR, DPR can continue to dominate. In addition, the authority of the DPD also relies heavily on the DPR. To overcome it; therefore, there is a need to build an equivalent position between the DPR and the DPD.

22 April 2011