H.Mahmud Ali Zain

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 1955025

This DPD senator from East Java province gets the largest gain votes, which is 1,955,025 (11.15%) votes. According to him, the DPD function according to Law (UU) No.22 Year 1999 has not been balanced with the demands of the community towards the existence of the DPD, so there is a need to fight for the balance. Besides that, there is a need for strict rules between the relationship of DPD’s senator with local governments Province / County / City. Provincial governments also should be obligated to give back-up funds and facilities for the smoothness of the DPD’s task. He believes that the DPD function should be equivalent to the Parliament in order to create checks and balances between branches of state power.

22 April 2011