Drs. K.H. M. Nuruddin A. Rahman, S.H.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 1268498

This man, who familiarly called Nuruddin, represents Central Java Province in third place with the acquisition of 1,268,498 (7.8%) votes. According to him, as a member of the Council that directly elected by the people should be fully capable of fighting for the aspirations and interests of society through the political process in the legislative institution. The heavy tasks that is carried should be supported by the authority, duties, and functions commensurate with the mandate received. DPD as a member of the Board selected through personal representation (figure) is in the process of balancing the power of attraction in the political interests of the legislature. Therefore, it should have the authority, duties, and functions similar to the members of the Council that is selected from elements of political parties.

22 April 2011