Dr.Laode Ida

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Ida, his nickname, is a senator of the DPD who represents Southeast Sulawesi province. In the 2004 election, he was ranked first and, in the previous 2009 election, he was also ranked first and got around 156,177 votes. This man, born in Tobea, on March 12, 1961, was completing a study of S-1 in IKIP Jakarta (1981-1985), then took the study of Leadership for Environment and Development Program (equivalent to S-2) held in Jakarta, Costa Rica, and Okinawa (1995 -1997). He also completed the S-2 and S-3 program in the UI Jakarta (1991-2002). According to him, DPD is the place of struggle and aspiration for regional interests in the process of policy making at the national level. Besides that, these institutions is also a forum to promote national implementation of good governance and regional oriented to improve people's welfare, public service with a clean government. Also, to be a new place that creates a clean image

27 November 2012

01 November 2013 13:42:17

"rakyat sulawesi tenggara tidak ada kesejahteraan sama sekali mana atensimu pak la ode ida selaku wakil rakyat,, jalan rusak di sulawesi dan kemiskinan merajalel"

03 Oktober 2013 22:33:30

"asswr wb. maraknya in toleransi dalam beragama, kasus beberapa daerah indo nesia membuat kita sangat prihatin dengan kebebasan warga negara untuk melakukan iba"