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Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hemas was born in Jakarta, October 31, 1952; this 62 years old Tatiek Dradjad Supriastuti is empress of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana X, namely the king of Yogyakarta Sultanate since 1989 and Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region since 1998. Since 2004, Queen Hemas has been a member of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia from the Special Province of Yogyakarta and served as Vice Chairwoman of the House of Regional Representative for the period 2009-2014 and 2014-2019.

Their work in the DPD included in November 2012 GKR Hemas together with Laode Ida, I Wayan Sudirta, and John Pieris representing the DPD RI suing the material test of Act Number 27 Year 2009 and Act Number 12 Year 2011 to the Constitutional Court related to article 22 D The 1945 Constitution concerning equal rights between DPD and DPR institutions, and weakens relations between the center and the regions.

During this time in the legal process of making the law, DPD got the power to give input, but did not get a role to pass the law. The DPD wants the legislative body to actively support the wishes of the people in the region, and get a role for this power and based on the constitution the DPD also has the right to submit a bill and have proposed 35 proposed bills, but the DPR has never discussed it.

In addition, GKR Hemas was also vigorous in opposing the Pornography Law because it was considered cornering women. Queen Hemas is known to be persistent in fighting for her constituents. Hemas vigorously speaks out about women's rights. When the draft of Pronography Bill will be ratified by the DPR, she is one of the opponents. Queen Hemas even took to the streets with the people of Bali to oppose the Pornography Law which was considered to corner the woman. Actually she agreed with the issue of child protection, the problem of the danger of internet sites and their impact, but not by law.


01 Oktober 2019