9 months PPPK teachers don't get a salary, LaNyalla reminds the local government

27 September 2022 oleh admin

SURABAYA, dpd.go.id - Chairman of the DPD RI, AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti, regretted the actions of the Bandar Lampung City Government which neglected the fate of PPPK teachers (Government Employees with Work Agreements).

According to LaNyalla, salary is the most basic and highly expected thing. This is the responsibility of the local government. Moreover, transfer funds from the center, has been devoted to the post.

"Local government should not be negligent. The salary is a follow-up right from the PPPK teacher who should have received a Statement of Carrying Out the Tasks (SPMT). So they are entitled to be paid. And that is a form of appreciation for the PPPK teachers," said LaNyalla who was in Surabaya, Tuesday (27/9/2022).

The senator from East Java asked for the rights of PPPK teachers to receive SPMT and then the salaries that had not been paid for months to be resolved.

"It's a shame there are so many officials there why no one cares about their fate, so they have to complain to outsiders," he said again.

According to LaNyalla, this fact is very contradictory to the national education goals being promoted by the government.

"If things like that still happen, how can our education progress, how can our human resources become superior and what is the future of this nation?" he asked.

LaNyalla also asked the Supreme Audit Agency to audit the finances of Bandar Lampung City. Because according to Commission X DPR RI, the Ministry of Finance has transferred DAU of Rp. 43 billion, of which Rp. 38 billion can be used to pay salaries from January to December.

Based on the video uploaded by the Instagram account @hotmanparisofficial and which went viral, dozens of Bandar Lampung PPPK teachers came to Hotman Paris Hutapea's lawyer at Kopi Johny, Monday (26/9/2022). They asked for help to get their salary paid.

There are 1,166 honorary teachers who were received by PPPK in October and December 2021 until now they have not received SPMT (a statement of carrying out their duties), as a basis for remuneration. (*)

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