Mothers Confide in the Lack of Trust in Women in Politics 27 Juni 2019
Pematangsiantar, dpd.go.id - "We have gone directly to the community. Visit associations, recitations, and others. At first they were convinced that their voices would not go anywhere, but in fact on that day, they were not realized, "said a woman who became a legislative candidate during the April General Election. The heart to heart talk was revealed in a seminar entitled Women and Public Policy, which was held by the Pematangsiantar City Women's Islamic Regional Management in the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Building, Jalan Kartini,
Regional Competitiveness Bill, Realizing a Region with Global Competitiveness 25 Juni 2019
Medan, dpd.go.id - In order to improve Regional Competitiveness, the Government and Regional Governments have a strategic role in encouraging regulations, policies, and the use of technology that is able to create healthy ecosystems for businesses, industry players, and UMKM actors. The Government and Regional Government must be able to establish partnerships with business partners, provide optimal services by providing affirmations and policy interventions that support a healthy and dynamic business climate. This was revealed in the Validation
Committee III DPD RI Validity Test for the Elderly Bill on UNS 25 Juni 2019
Surakarta, dpd.go.id – The Act Number 13 Year 1998 concerning Elderly Welfare is more than 20 years old. Its existence is considered to be inadequate and less relevant, so a number of changes and improvements need to be made. Committee III DPD RI conducts working visits in order to validate the Bill on Elderly (RUU Lansia). The event was held at the Central Building Meeting Room, dr. Prakosa (Rector) of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. The validity test for the Elderly Bill aims to: socialize the E
DPD RI Appreciates MRT Development 25 Juni 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia Akhmad Muqowam appreciated the presence of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Jakarta. This was revealed after trying to ride the MRT for the first time on the route Bundaran HI - Lebak Bulus on Tuesday (6/25). Muqowam said that the MRT is one of the solutions to unravel Jakarta's congestion which has always been a problem in the capital city for two decades. "The construction of the MRT is a part of safe and mass transportation, so it is expect
DPD RI Supports Silk Road Cooperation with China 21 Juni 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono said Indonesia's vision as the axis of the world was inseparable from the maritime base. Of course this vision of Indonesia is related to China's state mission to make silk lines. This was stated in the launch of the Silk Road Community Building Initiative in Indonesia & Indonesia-China NGOs Dialogue. "In this context, a combination of world maritime vision and axis can be established. Therefore, there are many things that we can cooperate with China and internationally. Of co
To Increase Performance, DPD RI Secretariat Arranges SOP 20 Juni 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The Secretariat General of DPD RI Organizational and Management Section held a workshop for services on the members of the DPD RI with the theme 'Preparation of Operational Standards for the DPD RI's Secretariat General Macro Procedure' for two days from the 20th to 21st of June 2018. On this occasion, the workshop is hoped that this will improve performance within the DPD RI Secretariat General. Head of the DPD RI's Organization, Membership and Staffing Office, Lalu Niqman Zahir hopes that particip
Darmayanti : Don't Betray the Reformation with Violations, Appreciates Bawaslu's Follow-Up Report 19 Juni 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI Prof. Dr. Hj Darmayanti Lubis, highly appreciates the decision of the General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) that received and followed up on reports of alleged Election administrative violations proposed by Darmayanti Lubis. She hoped the reform movement in Indonesia will not be betrayed by election violations. "So far, the issue of fairness in the General Election has disturbed public opinion. In many fields we find various violations. "We hope that the elections will not become a democ
Oesman Sapta: Share the Keys to Success in Organizational Systems 18 Juni 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta shared the key to success in the organizational system, 5S. First, the strategy by which the DPD RI wants to be carried out or where the strategy is going forward, such as a strategy in carrying out supervision and regional regulations (Perda) in the region. This was stated at the launch of Halal Bihalal to commemorate Eid al-Fitr 1440 H. Oesman Sapta added that the second is structure. The structure in the organization is very important, in order to get everyone working achievements. "Tha
DPD RI Refuses Discourse on Referendum 31 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI declares a rejection on the existence of a referendum, the Sovereignty of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is a fixed price. The Vice Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono said at a press conference at Nusantara III Building, Senayan, Jakarta. Friday, May 31, 2019. "We must straighten the views and discourses of the referendum because there is no basis, we may fight on behalf of anything but do not touch or interfere with the realm of state sovereignty, because it is final and the NKRI is final, no more su
DPD RI Asks BPK RI to Strictly Supervise the Use of State Finance 28 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI will focus on supervising the allocation of funds for transfers to the regions and village funds, and requesting BPK RI to strictly guard against the use of state finances sourced from the state budget. This was conveyed when receiving the Audit Report on LKPP 2018 and IHPS II Year 2018 as well as the submission of the 2018 Semester II LHP by the BPK RI, at Nusantara V Building, MPR / DPR / DPD RI Parliamentary Complex Senayan Jakarta, Tuesday, May 28 2019 . Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta said that the DPD RI app
Aceh Senator: Aceh People Demand Referendum, Central Government Should Take Action 27 Mei 2019
Aceh, dpd.go.id - Senator of DPD RI from Aceh, H. Fachrul Razi, MIP who is also Chairman of Committee I of DPD RI asked the Central Government to act and give serious attention if at this time the Acehnese are asking for an official Referendum. This discourse was stated by the Chairman of the Aceh Transition Committee (KPA) and Chairman of the Aceh Party (PA) DPA Muzakir Manaf or familiarly called Mualem, who issued an opinion. In the future, Aceh will ask for a referendum because according to Mualem, our country, Indonesia is not clear abou
DPD RI Values the Economic Policy and Fiscal 2020 Have Many Constraints 27 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee IV DPD RI held a working meeting with the Ministry of Finance related to the discussion of Macro Economic Framework (KEM) material and Fiscal Policy Principles (PPKF), as well as regional transfer funds. The results of the meeting will later be used as DPD RI's proposal for the 2020 State Budget Draft (RAPBN) to the DPR RI Chairman of Committee IV, Ajiep Padindang explained that in formulating the direction and strategic of fiscal policy, the government must always consider the dynamics of the economy both
Mandate of the Law: Peaceful Demonstrations Must Be Protected 21 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The consequence of choosing to become a democracy is that the state through its constitution must open the widest tap and provide security and legal protection for its people to express their aspirations, criticisms, and even criticism, especially to state institutions that finance public money. . Of the many ways to express aspirations, demonstration is one of the most effective choices. Vice Chairwoman of Committee I DPD RI Fahira Idris, who is in charge of politics, law, human rights, revealed that as long as the demo
In front of the Riau Islands Provincial Government, Committee I DPD RI Explains the Amendments Bill to Act 43/2008 on State Territory 21 Mei 2019
Batam, dpd.go.id - A number of leaders and members of Committee I DPD RI conducted work visits to Riau Islands Province (Kepri) in the framework of inventorying material for the Amendment Bill on Act number 43 Year 2008 concerning State Territory. The group led by the Vice Chairmen of Committee I DPD RI, Fachrul Razi and Fahira Idris were received by the Assistant I of the Government of the Riau Islands Province, Raja Ariza in Batam (21/5). The focus of this group of Committee I DPD RI is to absorb the aspirations and information needed from
DPD RI Proposes Shipping Bill Must Prioritize Safety 21 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Committee II DPD RI held a Public Hearings (RDPU) regarding the Amendment Bill on Act No. 17 Year 2008 concerning Shipping with the Director General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia. One of the issues discussed is about strengthening the regulator's supervisory function in the shipping sector to create aspects for the user safety on the shipping sector. In the RDPU, the Chairman of Committee II DPD RI, Aji Muhammad Mirza Wardana, said that regulations related to the s