Committee I DPD RI: Accelerated Development of Disadvantaged Regions is Not Maximal 23 Juli 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Government's commitment in encouraging the acceleration of the development of underdeveloped regions is considered not maximal so that new regulations are needed. It was stated in the Working Meeting of Committee I DPD RI with the Ministry of National Development Planning / Bappenas RI Bambang Brojonegoro that discussed the Bill on Acceleration of Disadvantaged Regions Development. In the meeting room of Committee I of Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta. Monday, July 23, 2018. Chairman of Committee I Ahmad
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee IV DPD RI questioned the consideration of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) in providing the unqualified opinion (WTP) against the results of financial statement audit. A number of local governments get the opinion of the WTP even though they are late in submitting their financial statements. This is said by the Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI, Ajiep Padindang in Hearing Meeting (RDP) with the Secretary General of BPK, Bachtiar Arief and the main auditors of BPK in Meeting Room of Committee IV DPD RI, Parliament Comp
Committee I Appreciate KPU RI and Bawaslu Also Notify the Implementation of Regional Election 2018 23 Juli 2018
Jakarta, dpd.co.id - Working Meeting of Committee I DPD RI with General Election Commission (KPU) RI and the General Election Supervisory Board (BAWASLU) Discussed the implementation of elections in conjunction 2018. In Meeting Room of Committee I, Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta. Monday, July 23, 2018. Attending the meeting were Chairman of Committee I Akhmad Muqowam, Chairman of KPU RI Arief Budiman, Chairman of Bawaslu Abhan and Members of Committee I DPD RI. Chairman of Committee I Ahmad Muqowam Appreciated the Performance of
DPD RI: Building a Marine-Based National Culture 22 Juli 2018
Cirebon dpd.go.id- The House of Regional Representative of Indonesia held a Focus Group Discussion with the theme of Building a Marine-Based National Culture, the event took place at Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon, West Java, Saturday (22/7/18). Present at the event were Vice Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono, Sultan Sepuh Cirebon Prince Radja Adipati Arief Natadiningrat, members of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) figures historians Anhar Gonggong, cultural figures, academics, public figures and figures Silaturahmi Keraton Nusantara Forum.
Oesman Sapta: Gebu Minang Must Be Able To Build Indonesia 19 Juli 2018
PADANG (20/7) dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta openned the Regional Working Meeting 1 Gebu Minang in Padang (20/7). In the event, Oesman Sapta hoped that the Gebu Minang organization can progress and participate in the development of Indonesia. Through Gebu Minang organization that spread all over Indonesia, Minang people can play a role in developing the region. Oesman Sapta also assumed that the Minang people have an important role in the history of the founding of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). He considered Mi
BAP DPD RI Encourage Government to Complete Land Dispute in Sari Rejo 18 Juli 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Public Accountability Committee of DPD RI support the Office of Presidential Staff to immediately resolve the dispute of 260 Ha land area between the community of Sari Rejo, Medan, with the TNI Air Force. This was revealed at a meeting attended by the Ministry of Defense, Ombudsman, Ministry of ATR / BPN, Presidential Staff, Air Force and Sari Rejo community at Parliament Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (18/7). The problem that has been going on for decades has become the demand of Sari Rejo community of approximately 4,5
Committee IV DPD RI Questioned the Realization of Revolving Fund 18 Juli 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee IV DPD RI questioned the low realization of revolving funds from the Revolving Fund Institution of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperative (LPDB-KUMKM). In the year 2018, the planned revolving fund of Rp 1.2 trillion will be given to the business actors with small interest. Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI, Ajiep Padindang asked LPDB-KUMKM to immediately provide certainty to the proposers of revolving funds associated with proposals loan funds that have been proposed earlier. According to him, LPDB-KUMKM
Committee I DPD RI Evaluate the Simultaneous Regional Election with Ministry of Home Affairs 17 Juli 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI held a Working Meeting with the Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo to discuss the evaluation of the implementation of regional elections as well as the development of regional autonomy, on Tuesday (17/7). In the meeting, Committee I DPD RI assessed there are some things that must be improved in the implementation of simultaneous election so as not to happen again in the 2019  elections. According to the Chairman of Committee I DPD RI, Akhmad Muqowam, the result of simultaneous election contro
Chairman of DPD RI Asks Private Universities to Increase Competitiveness 16 Juli 2018
SURABAYA, dpd.go.id- Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta said private universities in the region should be able to increase competition in order to compete. According to him there is no prosperity of a nation if the regions can not improve their ability. "The competitiveness of the region will be the accumulation of the competitiveness of the State," said Oesman Sapta as the keynote speech in Rakernas I Association of Indonesian Private Universities Organizing Board in Surabaya, East Java, Monday (16/7). According to him it is a shared respon
Oesman Sapta Will Receive Honorary Doctorate Degree 12 Juli 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) Oesman Sapta (senator from West Kalimantan) will receive an honorary doctorate in politics and public affairs from the University of Euclid. Euclid is an intergovernmental organization established in 2008, holding a university mandate, and a charter issued by the United Nations Treaty Series. Thus, Euclid University was born under an international agreement of the United Nations (UN) that offers a multidisciplinary and campus program in Banjul, Gambia. "It is
Surabaya, July 9, 2018. The Committee III of the House of Regional Representative (DPD RI) in cooperation with the University of August 17, 1945 (Untag) Surabaya conducted a Legal Seminar on the Amendment of Act Number 14 Year 2005 regarding Teacher and Lecturer Actvat Graha Wiyata Campus Untag Surabaya, Monday, July 9, 2018. The revision of the Teacher and Lecturer Act is expected to respond to the industrial revolution 4.0 characterized by the industry touching the virtual world, shaped human connectivity, machines and data. All is th
Ternate, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono said that the government's discourse on the maritime axis will not be realized if there are island regions that are still left behind and unnoticed. The existence of island regions can be the foundation of the existence of maritime axis. Therefore, Nono hopes that the islands bill could soon be enacted to advance the archipelagic regions with gaps compared to the mainland regions in Indonesia. In the event of Socialization of the Protection of Indigenous Peoples Rights Bill and th
DPD RI Was Supported by the Regions to Fight for Islands Region Act 06 Juli 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-Committee I DPD RI get support from the region in fighting the Bill (RUU) Region Islands into Law/Act (UU). This was revealed at the Hearing Meeting between Committee I DPD RI and Commission I of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) DPRD, in Meeting Room of Committee I of Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta. Friday, July 6, 2018. Chairman of Committee I Ahmad Muqowam stated that high political would be required from the government to work on the islands and catch up from the mainland provinces. Characteristics of island provinces with
Do Not Let the People Fear of Taking the Ships 05 Juli 2018
Jakarta, July 5, 2018-A successive accident that sank two ships in the Indonesian waters of the Motor Vessel (KM) Sinar Bangun in Lake Toba and Ferry Lestari Maju which serves the crossing to Bira Port, Bulukumba to Pamatata Harbor, Selayar Regency, South Sulawesi last month has been a stern warning for all stakeholders, especially institutions related to water transportation and ferry transportation at the Central as well as in the area to evaluate the total passenger safety and security system and regulation. If there is no concrete steps fro
Committee I DPD RI: Village Fund Is Not Optimal 04 Juli 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id-Committee I DPD RI reminded the government to optimize the use of village funds in accordance with the Village Act. During the Hearing Meeting between Committee I DPD RI with the Director General of Fiscal Balance at the Ministry of Finance, Astera Primanto Bhakti discussed the distribution of the Village Fund. In Meeting Room of Committee I DPD RI Building Senayan Jakarta. Wednesday, July 4, 2018. Chairman of Committee I, Ahmad Muqowam asserted that the use of village funds as in accordance with the Village Law is intende