PPUU of DPD, Ministry of Social Affairs, and BNPB Discuss about the Revision of the Law No.24/2007


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - In Order to collect material enrichment and constructive outlook for the improvement of the Act 24 of 2007 concerning on Disaster Management, the Bill Drafting Committee (PPUU) of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) held a Working Meeting with the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Ministry of Social RI) and the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

"The initiative review and improvement of the Act No. 24 of 2007 has been initiated since the two (2) years ago, together with the various stakeholders, and it will adjust the situation in accordance with changes in the dynamic and multidimensional public services in the field of disaster management," said Ir. Dody Ruswandi, MSCE, Principal Secretary of BNPB, began his presentation at the meeting that was held on Thursday (02/09/2017) at PPUU Meeting Room, B Building of DPD RI 3rd floor, the Parliament Complex of Senayan Jakarta.

According to Dody, there is still an obstacle related to many changes. For example there are changes of leadership in the various institutions at both central and local so that they need to do socialization of understanding of the Law No. 24 Year 2007 to all parties involved in disaster management.

"There should be another rules under legislation such as government regulations, presidential decree, etc.," Said Dody.

Dody also expected the support budgeting both at central and local levels by Bappenas and the Ministry of Finance to increase the budget allocation for disaster relief by pushing the disaster management as a priority in development planning.

Meanwhile, represented by Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Drs. Harry Z. Soeratin, M.Acc., confirms that generally the Law No. 24 of 2007 already accommodate and be a system of disaster management in Indonesia. However he recognizes there are a variety of important needs that have not been discussed, such as difficulty of coordination, especially at the level of local governments as well as the absence of national regulations that governing the duties and functions of the respective ministries / agencies in disaster management.

"There is no national regulation that governing the duties and functions of the respective ministries / agencies in disaster relief that give implications to budget issue in each ministry / agency," said Harry in a meeting which was opened by Muhammad Afnan Hadikusumo (senator DIY ) as Chairman PPUU accompanied Baiq Diyah Ratu Ganefi, SH (Senator from NTB).

Habib Abdurrahman Bahasyim (senator from South Kalimantan) reveals that the purpose of the DPD revisions is that disasters will able to handled and minimized.

On the other hand, Ir. Anang Prihantoro (senator from Lampung) assesses that the amendment of Law No. 24, 2007 is not urgent considering disaster management relatively able to overcomed though the political situation in the region is not condusif.

"So, based on our experience there is no obstacle in the Law No. 24 Year 2007, but the barriers instead of other laws / regulations so in this case what is needed is the synchronization and harmonization with laws / regulations related to Law No. 24 Year 2007," said Dody. (ram)

09 Februari 2017