Chairman of DPD RI Follows-up the Issue of Freeport Employee Dismissal


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta received a visit from a group of PT Freeport Indonesia. Previously, Freeport had dismissed 3274 employees. Until now the problem has not found its common ground.

"We need to find a common ground for this problem. Anyhow the one being dismissed is our brother of the nation. We must think of them and their families, "said Oesman Sapta accompanied by DPD RI member from Papua Rev. Carles Simaremare and Vice Chairman of Committee III, Delis Julkarson Hehi at Nusantara III Building, Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Monday (12/3).

Oesman Sapta also planned to visit Papua to find out about this problem. "We plan to go to Papua, then we will invite employees who do strike and its company," he said.

So far, he continued, President Joko Widodo gives full attention to the people of Papua. However, this issue must also be interfered by the President of the Republic of Indonesia. "The President has also helped the people of Papua, he has been extraordinary in favor of Papua. But do not let this issue be politicized, "said this Senator from West Kalimantan.

He also hoped for an economic support in Papua that can have a direct impact to the community. Oesman Sapta pointed out an example of cement factory, so far cement has always been imported from Java.

"And in Papua there is also cement, but why do not we just build the factory. So it is not only exported but there is development for Papua, "he said.

Meanwhile, VP, Corporate Communication of PT Freeport Indonesia, Riza Pratama explained that it clarified the issue on the dismissal of 8 thousand employees of Freeport. "There are 3274 employees who were absent or did not enter in a few weeks," he said.

He considered that there is a transitional Freeport process following the export ban. Where there is a transition change from the lower mine to the upper mine. "So we're not firing. In April last year, there has been a strike over the support of fellow solidarity. That is the reason that causes this to happen, "said Riza.

Riza added it has coordinated with the government over 3 thousand layoffs and made a deal. On the deal, they may take pension money but they still declare themselves on strike. "This is what we have done. That way they can get on with their lives, "he said. * Fan / del

12 Maret 2018