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Discussing Cooperatives, Committee IV DPD RI Invites LPDB-KUMKM


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - In an effort to oversee the Act No. 25 Year 1992 on Cooperatives, Committee IV DPD RI held a Hearing (RDP) with Director of Revolving Fund Management Institution (LPDB), Braman Setyo after previously having a Working Meeting with Minister of Cooperatives, Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Puspayoga on Monday (18/09/2017).

The hearing was led by Ajiep Padindang as Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI accompanied by Vice Chairman I, Ayi Hambali and Vice Chairwoman II, Siska Marleni in the meeting room of Committee IV DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta (20/09/2017).

President Director of LPDB, Braman Setyo, said that LPDB-KUKM is a working unit of the Ministry of Cooperatives and UKM in the field of financing that manages revolving funds for strengthening the capital for Cooperatives and UKM that run the financial management system of the Public Service Board. Technical coach LPDB-KUKM is the Minister of Cooperatives and UKM while LPDB-KUMKM financial coach is the Minister of Finance. LPDB-KUMKM is stipulated by the Public Service Management (BLK BLU) with full BLU status, giving flexibility in BLU financial management. Since 2015, LPDB-KUMKM has been able to independently finance its operations from PNBP (Non-Tax Revenue) without requesting the allocation of Pure Rupiah (APBN).

"In minimizing risks, 100% guarantee is required, or through cooperation with existing credit guarantee institutions to provide guarantees for loans / financing that will be undertaken by LPDB-KUMKM also conducted cooperation with existing guarantee institutions such as Jamkrindo, Jamkrida and other guarantee institutions as an alternative which can be selected by LPDB partner candidate who will access LPDB-KUMKM ", concluded Braman Setyo.

Braman Setyo added, "The target of revolving funds in 2017 is planned to be Rp. 1.5 Trillion from the managed fund of Rp. 1 Trillion and from APBN Rp. 500 Billion. As of August 31, 2017, LPDB-KUMKM has processed a revolving fund of Rp. 793.958.187.500., (Seven Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Eight Million One Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Rupiahs). As for the realization of revolving funds for the period January 1 to August 31, 2017 there is no partner that has the classification of E (stalled) ".

Abdul Gafar Usman, Senator of Riau Province questioned the requirements for the guarantor. "What are the requirements for us the guarantor to be able to assist the Cooperative and UKM in the region".

In line with Abdul Gafar usman's question, Senator of Jambi province, Daryati Uteng also asked for conditions for credit guarantor in LPDB-KUMKM. In addition, Daryati Uteng also asked whether the credit can be liquid in one hour and only capitalize KTP and KK only. "The cooperative certainly has a soft loan, whether it can be liquid in one hour and whether it can only based on ID card (KTP) and Family Card (KK), and what conditions are needed to be a guarantor", asked Daryati Uteng.

In response to questions from Abdul Gafar Usman and Daryati Uteng, LPDB-KUMKM President Director Braman Setyo said that LPDB-KUMKM plays a role in providing loan or financing access for cooperatives, micro, small and medium enterprises while improving government services to the community, with strict requirement because it uses government funds, he said.

"LPDB-KUMKM service standard refers to the lending procedures that have been obtained ISO 9001: 2008 which is through 8 stages, begin with the acceptance of proposal and check List Mandatory, field visit, juridical business analysis and risk opinion that is proceeded to loan / financing committee until receipt letter Notification of Principle Approval, next the contract and then the disbursement and will ultimately be monitored and evaluated. LPDB provides strict requirements because no financing institution can match the LPDB with very small interest rates where this fund uses government funds, "explained Braman Setyo.

He also added that the imposition of collateral to KUMKM of at least 100% can be in the form of moving objects, Fix Asset or Cash Collateral in accordance with LPDB-KUMKM Board of Directors Regulation No.035 / Per / LPDB / 2017 on the determination of guarantee on lending / financing to KUMKM and institutions intermediaries. (sna)

20 September 2017