BAP Hopes for the Solutions of K-2 Honorarium Workers Issue


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Public Accountability Committee (BAP) of the House of Regional Representatives (DPD) invited the K-2 Honorarium Workers Forum throughout Indonesia, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and the Ministry of Finance at the hearing (RDP) related to the issue of Category 2 (K-2) Honorarium Worker on Wednesday (23/11/2017). According to the Chairman of BAP DPD RI, Abdul Gafar Usman (Senator of Riau), the purpose of the meeting is to find solutions to the problems of K-2 Honorarium Workers.

As the representative of the K-2 Honorary Workers Forum, Titik Purwaningsih questioned the existence of the odd (bodong) data problems on the data number of non-honorary participants K-2 who passed. This spokesperson from Central Java also wanted a clarity on the revision of the ASN Act which regulates the K-2 Honorary Workers, "Our hope is only one, give us a solution so that later we can achieve our rights," hoped Titik.

"When it comes to legislation, not all the interests of the stakeholders can be accommodated, because the law is actually flawed before being born," explained Agus Haryadi, an Expert Staff of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights for Interreligious Relations when answering the clarity of the rules. However, it is possible to re-test in accordance with existing regulations.

The same was also expressed by Karjono, Director of Harmonization of Legislation, Directorate General of Legislation. According to him, when the positive law has not cover a problem then it needs a discretion, but its implementation will not necessarily be effective. "If at the moment, the positive law is not covering yet, it is certainly necessary to have discretion. However, if the discretion in the form of positive law regulation, the impact of backward will not be good, "said Karjono.

On the other hand, Made Arya Wijaya explained that the Ministry of Finance domain will arise if there is already a fiscal impact, "We in the Ministry of Finance will certainly run in line with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. If the regulation is clear, we will calculate how much the budget needs to be provided in the state budget, "said Director of Harmonization of Budgeting Arrangement of Ministry of Finance.

23 November 2017