Lampung Province Is Ready to be the Capital of Indonesia


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Committee I held a meeting with the audience discussing the discourse proposal of Lampung Province as the Capital of Indonesia with the Work Team of FGD Lampung Capital Government of Indonesia. The discourse of the transfer of the capital of the Republic of Indonesia from Jakarta, encourages academics, activists, and community leaders to propose Lampung as one of the new capital of choice.

Muqowam advised that every region who wants to be a candidate for the capital should strive to advance its region through a clear road map of development. Development planning that makes a region worthy to be a capital city must be fulfilled, do not just end up in a study and plan.

"In the competition for new capital candidates with other provinces, there must be an advantage that shows Lampung is great," he said.

Andi Surya said that Lampung province is ideal to become the capital of the new center of government, according to him Lampung has progressed rapidly in the field of development and society.

"If you see from the studies, it is likely Lampung became a symbol of the central government that gives its own points. Lampung also provides a different alternative than other provinces, " explained this Senator of Lampung Province.

The initiator of Lampung study as the new capital candidate, Andi Desfiandi, explained that Lampung has the resources and readiness of various indicators to become the nation's capital. From the results of economic, infrastructural, telecommunication, geopolitical, geographic, social, cultural, and security defense studies, Lampung is believed to be a viable area as the primary choice for the transfer of the capital of the central government of the Republic of Indonesia.

"The state capital candidates should have the feasibility such as the preparedness of the land, the people in the region of the capital candidates should be able to accept all tribes and religions, areas that have no disaster, I also advised the central government and business center should be separated," he explained. in the meeting room of Committee I, Building B DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta (11/10/2017). (idr)

11 Oktober 2017