DPD RI Receives 8 Governor Delegates to Discuss Archipelago Regional Bill To Immediately Be Ratified by DPR


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia received a delegation from the Provincial Cooperation Agency to discuss the development of the Islands Region Bill. In the meeting, Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia, Nono Sampono promised to continue to fight for the Islands Region Bill to be immediately ratified for regional interests based on the island region.

According to Nono, the Islands Region Bill initiated by the DPD RI, has been included in tripartite discussions between DPR RI, DPD RI and the government. The EOR RI has formed a Special Committee (Pansus) which aims to discuss the bill which is considered to be able to fight for the islands in the development and welfare of the community.

"Alhamdulillah, the DPR has formed a Special Committee with a leader from Maluku who are also included in the islands. There have been several meetings about this matter, it looks like the DPR is almost unanimous in agreeing to this, only the government that still have a few notes, "said Nono.

When receiving an audience from the Archipelago Provincial Cooperation Agency consisting of 8 island provinces in DPD RI (6/2), Nono added that the Islands Region Bill of Election was the priority of DPD RI to be ratified as a law. The leader of DPD RI fully supports this bill, because this bill is considered a milestone in the development of the archipelago that has been left behind compared to areas with continental or mainland areas.

"The DPD leader yesterday was facing the president, and this is the only bill that we requested. In the future there will also be a consultation meeting between the leaders of the DPD and the DPR. "The DPD always strives to fight for the region, especially for presenting countries in the archipelago," said this Senator of Maluku Province.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Archipelago Provincial Cooperation Agency, Nurdin Basirun, at the meeting requested that the Islands Region Bill should able to accommodate several things. First, they requested that provincial authority to manage marine resources from 0-12 miles or more within the archipelago province and 0-12 miles measured from the coastline towards the high seas measured from the outer island region remained the authority of the province. Secondly, Nurdin also asked the central government to allocate a special island fund budget of 3-5% of the state budget excluding the general transfer fund ceiling which was prioritized for the development of the marine economy sector and infrastructure development. Third, national strategic area policies and other policies must synergize and not reduce the authority of provinces characterized by islands in order to improve the welfare of the people in the region.

"We know how hard the area must be managed with a wide range of distances, using high costs while our fiscal economy is quite limited using a count of heads," said Nurdin, who also serves as the Governor of Riau Islands Province.

In line, Deputy Governor of Maluku Province, Zeth Sahuburua, explained that the Islands Regional Bill was a long-standing struggle by island-based regions that wanted to catch up with development. He requested that this bill be immediately passed into law.

"Hopefully DPD RI which initiated this bill can succeed. On behalf of us eight regions, expressed their appreciation to Mr. Nono and DPD RI. We don't ask for special autonomy, but we ask for special treatment, "he stressed.

On the same occasion, Member of Committee I DPD RI, Abdurachman Lahabato requested that the region be able to formulate a strategy so that the government could immediately approve this bill. The government seems to approve this bill, but indeed currently it is still synchronizing with the relevant ministries.

"Because thr one who understands the needs in his area is the executive. We think that the Ministry of Home Affairs must be the leader in the forefront, not to extend the promulgation of this bill, especially since all factions have agreed, "said this Senator of North Maluku Province. *** ars



06 Februari 2019