DPD RI Hopes Hajj Pilgrimage Can Be Better This Year


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Hajj pilgrims continue to show an increase every year. However, in the year 2017 and then, Committee III DPD RI still finds a little problem on the implementation of the pilgrimage.

Chairwoman of Committee III DPD RI, Fahira Idris said it is necessary to improve the implementation of Hajj for this year to be better. "Our records need to improve the quality of Hajj or Hajj pilgrimage. In our current review to Saudi Arabia, we still see pilgrims who do not understand the shari'a of the pilgrimage, " she said during the hearing with Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin at DPD Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/5).

Not only that, she continued, the lack of Team Guide Hajj Indonesia (TPHI) and the Team of Indonesian Hajj Supervisor (TPIHI) who principally served to accompany the congregation. "Related TPHI and TPIHI Committee III appreciate that this year the Ministry of Religion has improved its quality," said Fahira.

She added, related to umroh the facts in the field of prospective pilgrims every year has increased. Great interest of ummah on umroh have been misused by unscrupulous organizers of umroh. "Surely this raises the material degradation of the ummah. Then the government's assertiveness about the case of the umroh organizers, "explained Fahira.

Meanwhile, DPD RI Member of North Sumatera Province, Dedi Iskandar Batubara, explained last year DPD directly supervises Hajj. There are important things that are questioned by the community especially the elderly pilgrims. "Their hope to be the top priority. Hoping Kemenag might find the formula, "he asserted.

In line with Dedi, DPD member Jambi Province, Abu Bakar Jamalia also questioned the elderly pilgrims. The government should be able to find solutions for elderly pilgrims. "The problem of elderly worshipers is crucial. Is it necessary that the elderly is allowed to do the mandatory only. After that back again to the country, "he advised.

On the same occasion, Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin explained that his party has conducted an evaluation of hajj pilgrimage in 2017. There are 10 hajj notes to be followed up this year. "The records include screening the status of pilgrims, changes in accommodation rental system, as well as the addition of Hajj officers," he said.

Lukman added that this year there are additional TPHI, TPIHI, and Hajj Health Team of Indonesia (TKHI). Later in one kloter, it will be accompanied by one TPHI and TPIHI. "This year's new innovation is online recruitment and CAT exams. This is to dismiss the negative rumors of recruitment, "he said.

For the matter of umroh organizers, the Minister of Religious Affairs said that there is a big step in overcoming the umroh. Firstly it has improved regulation.

"So all the rules we make are new. For example there is a standard price of at least 20 million, below that we will call the organizers. In addition, if prospective pilgrims have paid off the payment, they can be dispatched immediately, " he explained.

30 Mei 2018